• What is the Octathalon?

    • The Octathalon is a set of 8 specific gym exercises that are done in a set order. Bike – Lat pull downs – Step ups – Sit ups – Row – Bench Press – Run – Shoulder Press. Years of research went into testing which were the best exercises to use and in getting the best order before this format came about.

      The alternating combination of CV then Strength was found to be the best test of a person’s all round strength and cardiovascular fitness as well as being able to provide thrilling racing and an excellent course for all people to train on to get fitter and healthier.

      Having created the Octathalon, it was then possible to go on and vary the distances, numbers of repetitions and the amount of weights to suit all body types and to suit all levels of fitness.
  • How many Octathalon courses are there?

    • There are 9 adult courses and 6 Junior courses.

      The adult course start with a beginners course called the Short course. People can progress on to the Club course. There is also a Senior course for those people over the age 65 to do if they want to.

      The other courses can be selected on preference depending on body types, desired shapes and individual challenges. They are the Cup course, the Rock Octathalon, The Octathalon sprint, the Ultra-Octathalon Club course, the Ultra-Octathalon Cup course and the Ironman Octathalon.

      The Junior courses are all graded starting with the yellow grade, then orange grade, then green grade, then blue grade, brown grade and finishing with the Under 19 black grade course.
  • Why should I become a member?

    • Aside from creating a sport for gyms and health clubs and providing top class racing for spectators and competitors, the Octathalon was created to help generate sustained motivation for people who are training to get fitter and to gain a preferred shape. Membership of this site is all about helping generate that sustained motivation and this is done in a variety of different ways.

      The Power of 8 database and its ability to help compare and contrast times and to generate its many rankings is one way to help motivate members. If you are competitive you will really like this.

      If you are not that competitive, there are over 70 carefully planned and graded transition training videos that can be watched and/or downloaded and copied in the gym so you will never be short of ideas of what to do and you can be sure they are effective and are a good use of your time.

      There are challenge videos, stretching videos, many articles on training tips, health and nutrition. You can visit peoples profile pages and get ideas & inspiration from others.

      There is the option to join the grading system. Grading up the levels is all about improving your own performance and this is not competitive at all. When you join the grading system you start at Yellow Grade and you get to select your own online motivator from out of all the available groups. They will provide you help with tips, guidance & motovation. You can find out about events that are being put on that you can attend to get verified Octathalon times.

      There is also the ability to message other members individually and in groups where you can discuss which events you are all going to do and how you have done afterwards on your own profile page. For even more details on why you should join have a look at the members tab.
  • What do other people say about the Octathalon?

    • How much did you enjoy the training in the run up to the Octathalon event and why?

      “Really enjoyed it (despite thinking I wouldn’t) The group training really helped me push myself and to get to know other people at the gym.” Shonagh P.

      “I really enjoyed the training. The trainers kept you motivated and varied what we did each session.” Zoe A.

      “Loved the training, great team support and atmosphere. Really improved my fitness and gave me something to focus on.” Beccy H.

      “I really enjoyed the training, although it was hard, I feel much fitter.” Nicola C.

      “Good training, - loved team atmosphere/ social aspect want to get really specific on training ie heart rate etc” Andy C.

      “At the time it was hardcore but the buzz afterwards is amazing. I enjoyed it because the camaraderie and the way my fitness level increased.” Ellen D.

      “Awesome! Team spirit outstanding.” Bob H.

      What results have you had – weight loss / Fitness levels etc?

      “Feel much fitter – my running (main sport) has improved a lot because my cardio fitness has improved.” Shonagh P.

      “Fitness levels are best ever. My fitness is the best it has been it has ever been since I gave up diving in my teens ” Sarah V.

      “Weight loss and improved fitness level. More focused. Improved strength.” Becky H.

      “I have lost half a stone and feel much fitter.” Nicola C.

      “Body fat percentage dropped raising lean mass and my road running, rowing and gym fitness have improved a lot.” Ellen D.

      How effective and how much fun are these group training sessions compared to other training you have done in the past?

      “I’ve not really done group training in the past but these have been really good. Everyone has been really supportive in encouraging individual improvement” Shonagh P.

      “So much more fun than any other training” Louise S.

      “Extremely effective. Much more focused than training alone & so much fun! Have made firm friends” Sarah V.

      “I haven’t really done this sort of training before but the team were great and all encouraged each other to do well.” Zoe Adams

      “Training sessions were very effective, great social side and brilliant fun. Sessions were well organised and ran well.” Becky H.

      “Training sessions were good fun and harder work than any other session” Nicola C.

      “100% Loved atmosphere/ Fun/ Social/ Encouragement/Banter” Andy C.

      “I love the group training as everyone I train with are really nice & so supportive of each other. It’s really fun.” Parisa H.

      “Group sessions are more fun because of the team spirit and camaraderie. It is motivating and you tend to push yourself harder in a group environment” Ellen D.

      “Very fun and a lot better than other classes. THE BEST!!” Bob H.
  • What Octathalon course should I do first?

    • The Octathalon has 15 different courses each with differing amounts of weights repetitions and distances. Everyone will be able to start on one of these courses or even segments of these courses and record their improving times on the Power of 8 database.
      If you are starting out on a journey to get fitter and healthier we recommend you begin with the Short Course unless you are under 18 or over 65 in which case we would recommend the Junior Yellow grade course and the Senior Octathalon course.

      For those of you who are fairly fit and already workout in a gym or do another sport, we recommend you start with the Club course. Only those with good upper body strength on top of that should try the Cup course.

      For those of you looking for more of a challenge of strength with just a small amount of CV you might like to start with the Rock Octathalon or the Octathalon Sprint course.

      For those of you who already prefer longer workouts and who already have a good existing endurance base you could try the Ultra Octathalon Club or Cup course or the Ironman Octathalon.

      A nice alternative is to do one of the pairs courses with a friend.


      You need to first assess how fit you are. If you are in any doubt see a medical practitioner before you start where you should insist on having a blood pressure check as the very minimum. If you are unsure we would advise building up your training before attempting a full Octathalon course.

      The Octathalon Group training sessions are ideal for doing this.
  • How does the Power of 8 database work?

    • It is simple to use. Just select the categories you want to find the rankings for and on your final selection you will be taken to a table showing the people with the fastest times in order of ranking.

      For members you can then select an individuals name and that will take you to all their times for all the Octathalon courses that person has done and it will show all their personal best results. As a member you can also click on the event and that will take you to the event results.

      If you want to enter your own times it is just as simple. Just go to your profile page and click on the relevant fields of the course you have done and enter your time or times. The database is immediately updated and you will be able to see your new ranking position.

      If your time was one that was witnessed by an Octathalon trainer, they will be able to go online an just tick a box to say that it was a verified time and your results will then appear on the verified times ranking lists.

      There are even additional features that will allow you to compare and contrast your times with other members as well as being able to produce a graph of your results over a period of time.
  • What are Duos & Quatros?

    • The Duo’s are the segments of one CV exercise followed by one strength exercise that make up the full course.

      The Bike and Lat Pull Downs make up the 1st Duo. Step ups and the Sit ups – the 2nd Duo, Row then Bench Press – the 3rd Duo and Run then Shoulder Press – the 4th Duo.
      The 2 Quattro segments are the first 2 Duo’s done together and the last 2 Duo’s done together. Training to do just these and recording your times for them on the Power of 8 database is an excellent way to both begin your Octathalon training as well as trying to improve your times in your weaker areas of the course.

      Each course has a different set of weights, repetitions and distances and there is no reason why you cannot try to do the Duo’s and Quatro’s for these other courses even if you do not want to run through the whole course. It is great training for your own preferred course.

      Just click on the Octathalon courses and you will find you can download a template you can fill in down at your gym with all your results and times.
  • The Octathalon courses appear too hard, there is nothing here for me - Is there?

    • The Octathalon courses are all extremely hard to do fast. It is all about pacing yourself in your training and even in your racing. The courses themselves make excellent all round workouts and many people enjoy doing just that.

      Others like setting themselves heart rate limits for each exercise. If they reach their limit, they relax a little to keep their heart rate level. When you do this and still record your times over the months, it is a great way to have sustained motivation to keep exercising as you will see even the smallest of improvements over time with the graph system on the Power of 8 database. Heart rate recovery can also be recorded and compared over time on the database

      Remember that even the very best misjudge their pace and have to stop mid race. Have a look at our past event videos to see this. You can always start with the Duo’s and work up to the Quattro’s before attempting the full course as well.
  • Why should I become a member now and not later?

    • The sooner you join the sooner you will get access to some great training programs. You find motivation growing to get your times down for the Duo's and Quatro's and that will help you reach your goals

  • How can I get my gym to start the Octathalon programs?

    • The easy way is to get a personal trainer at your gym to join and become an Octathalon member and to buy the Yellow grade Octathalon trainer license and guidebook for just £25 + VAT & p&p. They will then be able to start running the Octathalon Group personal training sessions and they will have enough information to be able to go on and run events for the members of their club. They will also be able to verify your times either on a 1:1 basis or if you do an event they are running. An alternative way is to speak to your gym manager to get them interested in getting one of their staff to become an Octathalon trainer. All a person needs to do this is to have a qualification in Personal Training and current insurance. The Octathalon Trainer will also be able to grade you so you can get to other areas of the website. Grading is all about improving your own times for the Octathalon.
  • How do I go up the grades as a member?

    • Everyone who becomes a member starts on the White grade level. Going up the levels all depends on the amount and quality of the exercise you do. For the Orange and Blue Grade you also need to be able to do the relevant Octathalon course in a certain time.
      Minimum Time requirements for Orange grades and above and Blue Grades are for all Members
      Click here to be taken to the Minimum time requirement tables for grading at Orange and Blue Grades

      In addition to that, you will need to achieve the following.

      White to Yellow Grade
      Record on the Power of 8 at least 1 time for any Duo segment from any of the Octathalon courses.

      Yellow to Orange Grade
      Record on the Power of 8 at least 1 time for a full Octathalon course & at least 1 Duo segment from another course. Upload a profile picture of yourself and you must have spent a minimum of 1 month at Yellow Grade. You will also need to be able to do the relevant Octathalon course in under a certain time as shown in the table above. This can be a non verified time.
      Orange to Green Grade
      Record on the Power of 8 a minimum of 3 times for a full Octathalon course showing improvement each time. One of these must be verified. You must also record your heart rate recovery times after having done an Octathalon course and you must be able to show an improvement in the heart rate difference over the 2 mins at the end of the course. You must have attended at least one Octathalon event - like an Octathalon class or a 1:1 Octathalon induction or had personal 1:1 Octathalon training from a trainer. You must also have been an Orange grade for at least 2 months.

      Green to Blue Grade
      Record on the Power of 8 an officially recognised, verified, time for your chosen Octathalon course. This must be a time that is faster than all your previous verified and non verified times that you have posted under your own profile. You need to have put up times for at least two of the Octathalon courses as well as all Duo’s and Quattro’s for those courses. You must also have been at the Green Grade for at least 2 months. You will also need to have completed the relevant Octathalon course with a verified time that is under the minimum requirement shown in the table above.

      Blue to Purple
      Record on the Power of 8 times all of the Duo’s and Quattro’s for at least 3 of the Octathalon courses and for a course of your choice your profile times must show at least 5 continuous improved performances over the last 4 months and this must include at least one verified time that is better than the officially recognised time you attained to get your Blue grade. You must also have attended, more than once, any Octathalon events that your on–line motivator runs, or any motivator up line of your direct online motivator. You must also have been at the Blue Grade for at least 2 months.

      Purple to Brown Grade
      Record on the Power of 8 website 5 full course times in a one month period with a minimum of one of these times being verified and where the last time is faster than the first time and the verified time is not the slowest time. You need to also show improving heart rate differences between the first and last of these times

      Brown to Black Grade
      You need to have obtained your fastest verified time ever for the course of your choice. (Only those people over 65 can select to do this on the Octathalon Short Course or the Senior Octathalon course).You need to also show that you have kept the minimum of a constant or growing level of fitness over the last 4 months evidenced by times and heart rate differences. This is at the discretion of your online motivator. To grade at Black level you must have been at the Brown Grade for at least 2 months.

      Dropping Grades
      If you fail to post any times on your results page, or fail to attend any Octathalon events for a period of 3 months, you will drop a grade. If you have failed to do this for a period of 6 months, you will automatically be dropped down to a Yellow grade.

      Your on line Motivator in the group you have directly joined is the person who will check you have met all these requirements and they will be able to amend your profile to show what grade you are.

      Motivator payments will be automatically adjusted if they drop grades.
  • Do higher grade memberships cost me more?

    • We make no charge to grade you, just as there is no charge to become a member of the website. Your trainer may make a small charge to grade you to cover their time.

  • How do I get my times verified?

    • Only a licensed Octathalon trainer can verify your times. This can be done at Events or just in your club where a trainer will be on hand to judge & time you racing through all the Octathalon exercises one immediately after the other.
  • What will stop people putting down silly (ridiculously fast) unverified times?

    • We will check the database everyday to see if ridiculous times have been entered. However the main incentive to stop this happening is the restriction placed on going up the grades in the future as members will have to do a faster verified time than all their unverified times in order to go up to the next grade. This will hopefully put people off putting in incorrect times.
  • How do the times for Pairs courses work?

    • All the courses can be done as pairs where 2 people must each run through 4 exercises each. They can choose any 4 but the course must be done in the exercise order of the Octathalon. Both names are entered onto the database and each will get the same entry in their own profile pages. Certain of the Octathalon courses require each partner to do the full Duo segments of the course. The Mixed pairs Ultra-Octathalon Club and Cup courses require this as does the Sprint and Rock Octathalon. For further rules go to the courses pages.
  • I am showing as unaffiliated how do I get my team name on my database?

    • Until you have joined a team you will remain unaffiliated. To join a team all you need to do is to select a team manager on your profile page in just the same way you select a trainer. You will also be able to start your own team and become a team manager and other people will be able to now join you.
  • Is there a cost to become a member of this website?

    • There is no cost to membership 
  • How can membership cost me nothing?

    • The site costs are now covered by our sponsors and other advertising.
  • How do I find out about events that are coming up?

    • By becoming a member you will be able to log onto the Events page to see what events are coming along.
  • How can I change my Team Manager?

    • When it comes around to renewing your membership you will have a chance to select who you want as aTeam Manager. If however you wish to change before the end of your membership, you can do so, but there will be a small cost to this that is outlined on the site.
  • I am interested in accurate heart rate training what can the Octathalon offer me?

    • If you are able to find a Green licensed, or above, Octathalon trainer, they will all be able to help you with accurate heart rate training. If you cannot find one, you can purchase the Octathalon Training Diary via our online shop. This will help you learn more about how to give yourself precision heart rate training. The diary can be used again and again and the programs it contains and the way it is written will ensure you are pushed exactly to the right amount each time depending on your current level of fitness.
  • I do other sports, how can the Octathalon help me?

    • Training to run through an Octathalon course brings on fitness probably faster than any other sort of training. The reason is because of the number of transitions that have to be done quickly. Training transitions is the key to getting fit fast as it forces the body to work faster at shifting the blood around from muscles in one area to another area. We have found that the conditioning you get from this training leads people into having improved performances in their own sport. Even though the Octathalon includes weights we have even found that top runners have improved their race times through this form of training. The reason we created the Training transition videos is that we found it an excellent way to bring on fitness fast.
  • I am not a member of any gym, how can the Octathalon help me?

    • If you have an area in your home and the budget for it you could purchase the equipment needed for the Octathalon. If not you may like to purchase some of the items required to do our transition training videos & training programs. This is the lower cost option. By downloading the videos onto an ipod you could then copy these in your own home. Doing these alone will bring on much higher levels of fitness. As a member you are eligible to enter the Open Octathalon events that are held Regionally every now and again and you could enter one of these competitions to get the Octathalon experience.


  • How can I earn money from the Octathalon as a Personal Trainer?

    • There are several ways you can earn money.

      1. As a licensed Octathalon trainer you can run the Octathalon group personal training sessions. You will be facilitating people working together to train to run though one of the Octathalon courses. You do not even need to book studio space as all the sessions are done in and around the gym floor area. The amount you charge will be much less than your 1:1 sessions and that will mean a new market can open up to you in your gym as more people will be able to afford your skills.

      2. You can run Octathalon events. The entry fees can be enough to cover expenses and earn you good money for a few hours work.

      3. You can also join a team and also become a Team Manager and go on to build your own team. Once the new payment system starts, this will bring you direct income as a proportion of their membership fees are redirected into your own paypal account. If other teams start downline of yours, you still earn a proportion of that teams fees. Income can be generated this way as the higher the status you gain as a Team Manager; the more levels downline of you come on line as new income streams.

      4. If you choose to extend your trainer license to a higher level one, there are even more ways of earning money.

      5. Any team managers who are not personal trainers can organise events but in order to do so they need to have an Octathalon trainer, with an appropriate level of license, present helping them run the event. This represents another way a Trainer can get paid.

      6. Octathalon trainers are eligible to work as Judges at National Qualifier events, National and International events.

  • How do I become an Octathalon trainer?

    • It is really easy to start but you do need to be either a level 2 gym instructor or a personal trainer with insurance. Firstly you need to be a member of this website. Secondly, just purchase the yellow license training sessions book from our online shop. It only costs £75 +VAT & p&p (discounted at the moment down to £25) but it does include your licence. The license lasts as long as you maintain your insurance and whilst you stay a member of this site. Once you have purchased this basic grade license you do not have to pay for it again each year. No other costs are involved. Once you get the book just read it to give you an idea of how the sessions are run. We recommend you try them out beforehand with only a few people.

  • What does an Octathalon license mean?

    • The Octathalon has been designed as a sport and as such needs to have an association that regulates and controls that sport. It has also been designed to help boost income but a certain degree of administration does need to occur in order to achieve these things and this costs a small amount. The license allows us a degree of control at a distance over how the Octathalon is run. To help you make money from the Octathalon and to give your customers extra value we have had to create the members area on our website. The more people who join the more the sport will grow and the more everyone will benefit. For that reason the main requirement in the terms of your license is that everyone attending your sessions and running through your events has, at least, basic membership of our site. It is fine for people to try out a couple of sessions before deciding to join but it is in your interest to get them to join and to even join your own online group.
  • How much does an Octathalon license cost and what do I get for that?

    •   It is a one off cost of £75 + tax + p&p and it includes the yellow grade guidebook (The price is currently discounted to £25). The guidebook gives you tips, advice and guidelines on running Octathalon group training sessions.
  • What can I do with the basic Octathalon Trainer license?

    • - You can promote yourself as an Octathalon trainer
      - You can promote and earn income from running Octathalon Group Personal Training sessions

      - You can promote and earn income from running internal Octathalon events for your club members

  • What are the basic conditions of this license?

    • -You need to have current Insurance

      -You need to be at least a basic member of this website

      -You need to run one Octathalon event each year where at least 10 people are members of this website.

      - You need to promote and to put up the results of all your Octathalon events on the Octathalon website.

      - You need to do at least one run through of one of the Octathalon courses each year and put up your times in your own profile
  • What can I do without a license?

    • Personal Trainers only can include Octathalon training methods in their 1:1 personal training sessions and can take people through their Octathalon training that way, although you cannot advertise or promote yourself as an Octathalon trainer nor conduct Octathalon courses and classes. You can conduct Octathalon style events in your gym for your gym members only but you will not be able to verify your member´s times on the Octathalon website, even though they may be members of the site. Thus only licensed trainers are able to promote and run and official internal club Octathalon events with verified times for participants. For the minimum cost to becoming a trainer, it is worthwhile joining us. We can all benefit far more if we all come together to make the Octathalon a Worldwide sport. You will not be restricted and you will still be able to do other sports and other activities. 

  • How do I go up the license levels as a Trainer?

    • This is simple. Just pay on line via the shop to upgrade to the next license trainer level. The first colour license after the Yellow one is is the Orange License. You will receive a distance learning pack that outlines what you have to do. Essentially it is an evidence based assessment where you have to provide evidence of what you do via feedback from your members and your own self assessment.

      To pass you will have to attend a practical assessment day which will include a full run through of the Octathalon Club course. The day will also introduce you to any new learning required for the next trainer level. If you live abroad and there is no one in your country who is able to run these practical assessment days, please contact us as other arrangements can be made.

      You will also have to meet the same requirements as the members grading system in order to go up the levels. This means you will also have to do the Octathalon courses and in certain times and with validation and improvement requirements.

      The trainer license levels bear no relation to the Team Manager status levels and as a trainer you can do both.
  • Why is it worth me going up the levels as a Trainer?

    • The potential to earn more is the main incentive to go up the levels. The other incentive is that you will get taught more about coaching and event management and even more advanced levels of personal training based around heart rates which will help you offer an improved service to your customers. You can also become licensed to take our corporate level group training programs which is even more financially attractive. All Octathalon trainers have to do a full Octathalon course on a regular basis. They do not need to be the best but they need to be able to demonstrate reasonable levels of strength and fitness within reason and within personal circumstance. This will be decided upon by your assessor on your practical assessment days. Any appeals will be heard by Octathalon Ltd and their decision will be final. In each case, with each license extension, training will be given and assessed in order for you to be able to go out and provide value and benefit from that.

      As a Yellow license holder as a trainer you can only run local Octathalon events for those people in your own club.

      An Orange license holder you can run local interclub events and get paid as a judge at events. Local interclub events offers the trainer much greater local exposure in the local media as sports events get good coverage.

      A Green license will mean you can go on to run Regional Octathalon events and to run Corporate sessions.

      A Blue license will mean you are licensed to run National Qualifier events,

      A Purple license will allow you to run National Events

      A trainer with a brown license can go on to offer specialist coaching services.

      A Black level license will allow you to run International events.
  • How does the trainers distance learning course work?

    • Full details are found in the Yellow License Octathalon Guidebook. Essentially it is based on your ability to evidence that you can run successful Group training sessions and events through feedback from your customers and your own self assessment in reflection notes. We will send you details for completion and on receipt and assessment of these we will arrange for an assessor to spend time with you. This can be in your own gym and could be at an Octathalon centre that is as near as is possible to you.

Team Managers

  • What is a Team Manager?

    • A Team Manager is someone who builds and grows a team of Octathaletes who compete in either Local, Regional or National Leagues. They will do this in several ways. They will lead from example with their own activity levels and their improving fitness. They will send individual and group messages of encouragement to the members of their group.

      They will look to encourage their members to attend all sorts of Octathalon events that either they or someone else is running. They will encourage their own members to build their own teams and to get them to lead by example as well as they grow their teams.

      Team Managers earn from doing this from a proportion of the annual membership fees of their members. When the new payment system is in place every team member will pay a small extra league entry fee that will be their contribution to the creation and upkeep of the local leagues. Tell me more.....  
  • How does a Team Manager differ from an Octathalon Trainer?

    • Anyone can be a Team Manager. We would expect that all Personal trainers and Gym instructors who become Octathalon trainers will want to also be Team Managers, but anyone can start a team and get others to join. Their success at doing this will depend on their ability to lead by example, their ability to motivate others and their ability to get others to do events and to join them. An Octathalon trainer has to have current insurance as either a Personal Trainer or Gym instructor.

      Octathalon Trainers can run and organise Octathalon events, but a Team Manager can only organise events and they need the presence of an appropriate level Octathalon trainer to be help them run the event according to the requirements of Octathalon Ltd 

  • How can I earn money by becoming a Team Manager?

    • Becoming a team manager will soon be open to any member. On your profile page you will be able to select a team manager and join their team. This gets you put on a selection list where new members can pick your name and join your team.

      When members then join the League system they will pay a league entry fee and proportion of all this fee will be divided up and sent to the team managers in the teams above the one you join.

      When your members start their own teams and get new members to join themselves, you will also earn a proportion of these new member’s membership fees.

      Depending on your status as a Team Manager, earnings can be made from successive levels downline of your level. With new teams forming below yours, you can continue to earn a proportion of income from the new members payments. However to earn at a lower level you need to raise your Team Manager status yourself and this depends on your Octathalon membership grade and the number of people who are directly joined in your own team. It is possible to earn from 5 levels of teams downline of you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Click here to see some examples of possible earnings.... 

  • How do I increase my Team Manager status?

    • This is all dependent on the numbers of people you have in your group that have directly joined your group and on your own level of fitness.

      The numbers of people you need in your group who directly register with you, rather than with registering with someone downline of you, will determine what level you reach and will this will also determine the amount of money you can earn. This is assessed with every membership payment made so you need to sustain the required amount of direct members to your group at all times.
      1 Star Manager
      Everyone starts at this 1 star status and for every member they attract they will receive a proportion of that member’s annual payment. This is one level down.
      2 Star Manager
      Once you have attracted a minimum of 10 people downline of you who have directly joined you, you are eligible to become an 2 Star Motivator. (You need to be able to demonstrate you have attained the minimum times for the relevant Octathalon course to reach this grade). You will also need to have met all the requirements to become an Octathalon Orange grade member in your own right. On reaching 2 Star status you become eligible to earn an extra proportionate amount of any new members annual membership payments that join any teams that have been formed by your direct members. This is two levels down.
      3 Star Manager
      On reaching 20 direct members to yourself and you have at least three 2 Star Managers in your direct team, you can reach 3 Star Status and you automatically earn an extra payment down another level from any new members who join teams started by members who have started directly under you. This is now three levels down. You will also need to have met all the requirements to become an Octathalon Green grade member in your own right.
      4 Star Manager
      On reaching 50 direct members to yourself and you have at least three 3 Star Managers and three 2 Star Managers in your direct team, you can reach 4 Star Status but you now also need to show that you have qualified by being able to do the minimum required time to do the relevant course at this level. You will also need to have met all the requirements to become an Octathalon Blue grade member in your own right. A proportion of the annual membership of any new members that are now entering at the 4th level down will now become payable. This is 4 levels down.
      5 Star Manager
      On reaching 80 direct members to yourself and you have at least three 4 Star Managers & three 3 Star Managers in your direct team, you can reach 5 Star status. You will also need to have met all the requirements to become an Octathalon Purple grade member in your own right. You will now be able to earn extra payment from all new members who join 5 levels down from you. This is 5 levels down.
      National Team Manager
      On reaching 80 direct members to yourself and having over 2000 members in total down line of you and you have three 5 Star Managers & three 4 Star Managers in your direct team you can qualify to become the National Team Manager. You now qualify for 1st level marketing support to help with the running of your Octathalon events. If there already is a National Team Manager you may still qualify for marketing support from the National Team Manager.
      International Team Manager
      On reaching 80 direct members to yourself and having over 5000 members in total down line of you, you become an International Team Manager. You now qualify for 2nd level marketing support to help with the running of your Octathalon events.

      Octathalon Ltd also reserves the right to increase or decrease these numbers over time for the benefit of the growth of the sport. Click here to see the required age category times for all members grading at Orange & Blue Grades


  • How do I become a Team Manager?

    • You need to first take out membership of this site. All you then have to do is join another team manager. Your name will then be entered into the database as a Team manager and future members can now join your team. 
  • How can I build my team?

    • You can market yourself via your own profile page and begin to network with others to get them to join you. Remember that all the basic grade white members to the site will not have registered with any groups so you could aim to get them to join your group. One way to do this might be to run Octathalon events as this will attract new people who would then have to join your team to enter and compete. You can also buy other existing teams from other team managers in order to grow your team. More details on buying and selling teams will become available shortly.

  • I am in another Team and I have a team of my own. Which team do I compete in?

    • You are allowed to compete for both teams but not at the same event. If both teams are competing against each other you must compete for your own team unless you have already been competing in the other team in that season.

Other Questions

  • Can I run an Octathalon event in my gym?

    • You do not need a license to run an Octathalon event in your own gym. All you need is the permission from the gym manager. If you want the event to be recognised by Octathalon Ltd and for times to be verified, you will need to employ an Octathalon trainer to help you run the event. They will ensure the event runs smoothly and is run to the Octathalon rules. They are then in a position to verify the times.
  • Can I invest in the Octathalon business?

    • At the moment there is a small window of opportunity for the first members of this website.
      We believe the business will be even more successful if there are more people who actually have a stake in its future. For this reason we are offering up to 20% of the company for the members to buy in to. If you are interested in a prospectus, please let us know via our contact page. The minimum investment is £500. This opportunity will end either when we have sold the full 20% or when phase 2 has been completed – whichever occurs sooner. For this reason, if you are interested you may need to contact us quickly. It is expected that phase 2 will be completed soon

  • Which country can I represent?

    • You will either represent your country of origin or your country of residence. To represent your country of origin you must have either been born in that country, or have parents who were both born in that that country, and you must have been living in that country for the majority of time in the last 2 years. If you cannot claim to fulfil all these requirements you will represent the country you have spent the majority of your time in for the last 2 years. If your residency status changes you will be allowed to change your country of residence and you will be able to compete in the Octathalon for that country and the region it is in. However you will only be allowed to represent one country in each calendar year and changes can only be made at the end of each year.