Costs and Income

Make my Octathalon membership free

By starting your own group and getting just 4 other people to join your group you will have earned enough to make your own membership free.

For everyone that directly joins your group you get paid £15. Four people will get you £60 paid directly and automatically into your paypal account. This covers your full membership of £40 + VAT.

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Slightly increase my income

By increasing the numbers in your own group you can increase your motivator status, help those in your group to build their own groups and you can generate a helpful extra amount of income each year.

By getting more than 20 people to directly join your group you can qualify as a 3 Star motivator (as long as you are also a green grade member). This will mean you will earn £15 for every direct member & £4 from every member who joins the groups started by your direct members. In addition to that you earn £1 for every member one more level down.

If you had 20 direct members = £300. They might on average have 5 members in each of their groups which would mean a total 100 members from which you would earn £4 each = £400. If every one of these 100 members also had, on average, 3 members each in their groups that would mean 300 members and, at £1 each, you would earn another £300. This would give you a total of £1000. This is repeatable each year as members renew their annual membership.

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Earn me substantially more money

Get more than 80 members directly in your group, help get them build their own groups and help those people grow their numbers and you will be soon earning a substantial income each year that could possibly top your normal income

E.g. You have 80 direct members (@£15 =£1,200). If each of these had an average of 20 members in their groups (£6400). If these 2000 had on average just 5 members in each group (£10,000). If these 10,000 had on average another 3people in their groups (£30,000) that would provide an extra annual income of £47,600.

Just for growing your own Octathalon fitness group and helping others to grow their fitness groups.

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Make me a Millionaire

With 100 direct members each with on average 20 members each and those members with an average of 10 members each and with those members with on average 5 members each and they in turn have an average of 5 members and these in turn have on average just 2 people in their groups you will be making a £ 1Million each year

100                              @£15=       £1,500
2000     (20 average)  @ £4 =       £8,000
20,000 (10 average)   @ £1 =     £20,000
100,000 (5 average)   @ £1 =   £100,000
500,000 (1 average)   @ £1 =   £500,000
500,000 (1 average)   @ £1 =   £500,000

Total                                      £1,129,500