Courses information

There are 15 different Octathalon courses. You can try running through any of the courses. If you are member of this site you can record your times for these courses on your own profile page on this website. If you want to make it easier to start with try just doing the segments of these courses called the Duo's and Quatro's.

If you are not sure which one to do here is some helpful information that you can follow on a flow chart - click here for a pdf of this flow chart

Short Course - a Beginners course if you are new to fitness

Club Course - A course best suited to most Gym or Club members

Cup Course
- The weights are heavier than the Club course and it is more physically demanding - something to work up to

Ultra-Octathalon Club Course - A course that takes longer and has longer distances lighter weights than the Club course but has more repetitions

Ultra-Octathalon Cup Course - A course that takes longer and has longer distances lighter weights than the Cup course but has more repetitions

Ironman Octathalon - This course has even longer distances lighter weights and more repetitions.

Rock Octathalon - This course has heavier weights than the Cup course lesser distances and less repetitions and is generally for those people who prefer lifting weights rather than doing cardiovascular exercise

Sprint Octathalon
- The course has extremely heavy weights, very few repetitions and short distances and would be suitable really for bodybuilders or large sports people like Rugby players

Senior Octathalon
- This is a course that is more suitable for those over 65

Junior Octathalon - The Junior courses have grades that go from Yellow to Orange to Green to Blue to Brown to Black Grade. They are for the under 19's and as you go up the grades the weights get heavier and there is an increase in the distances and repetitions.