Run rules


Run rules

Competitors must remain on the treadmill until they complete the required distance.

Competitors are not allowed to hold, or hang on to, any part of the treadmill when the are completing the required distance. The exception to this is for balance for safety purposes when the competitor is allowed to lightly touch the bars to the sides or front to stabilise themselves. An example of this is when they may be changing the treadmill speed or incline.

They can stop to walk on the way but if you fall off the treadmill, you will be allowed back on but you will have to complete the whole distance again.

The treadmill must be started on 0% and must be moved to 10% before the competitor can increase the treadmill running speed beyond normal walking pace. A desired running speed can be entered onto the treadmill console in any way the competitor desires

Only the competitor can touch the controls of the treadmill. The exception is where a judge deems the running speed to be unsafe for the competitor based on the competitors performance at the time.