Shoulder press rules


Shoulder press rules

The shoulder press must be done a steeply inclined bench such that the bar can be lowered down very close to the front of the face.

In all events the competitor must pick up and put down the bar themselves before during and at the end of the exercise.

The arms must be extended at the top of the press and the bar must be lowered to below the nose on the downward phase. (The current video mentions the chin - this rule was changed recently)

Your bottom or hips must be touching the upright part of the bench at all times.

The competitor finishes the exercise by placing the bar back down on the ground by their feet.

Some event organisers may require the competitor to make a short sprint to cross a finishing line.

Event organisers may allow a judges assistants to stand behind the competitor in order to take hold of the bar purely on the grounds of safety if the judge thinks that safety is becoming an issue due to the performance of the competitor. If this happens a competitor is allowed
to continue but that particular repetition will not count.

In all cases only full repetitions count where the bar has been lifted up and down by the competitors themselves.

The hands must be placed on the bar no nearer and no further than shoulder width apart (Your hand’s thumb must lie outside the edge of your body at the shoulders). The hands should also be no further apart such that at the end of the down ward phase the arms are further apart than their elbows.

This is not an incline chest press exercise and elbows must be directed out to the side of the body and not facing toward your front. The bar must also be raised vertically above the head and not out in front at an angle.