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Octathalon Training eBook

30 Periodised Training sessions are contained in this ebook. 

When you start these sessions you will select one of the 15 Octathalon courses and, depending on your age, level of fitness and body type, you will then get an appropriate series of training sessions that are individually tailored just for you. 

Recording your Octathalon times will also provide you with a measurable way of seeing your fitness improve over time. 

The ebook comes with photos and descriptions of many stretching exercises and training exercises as well as easy to read and clear instructions so that you will be able to quickly scan what you need to do for each training session. 

The training focuses on the lead up to running through your chosen Octathalon course and contains short sharp training sessions that deliver results.

This ebook is excellent value at just £2.95

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The format is an epub file that plays on Adobe Digital Editions. If you have not got A.D.E you can download a free copy here and view the ebook on your computer. Download page for Adobe Digital Editions click here.

This ebook is suitable for all forms of digital reading devices like the Kindle, iPhone, iPad etc