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Stretching videos  

Active stretches
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Foam Roller warm down routine
Dynamic warm up routine
Resistance stretching routine
Active stretching routine

Event videos

2006 Womens UK Final
2006 Mens UK Final
2007 Mens UK Final
2007 Mens Pairs UK Final
2007 Womens UK Final
2008 Womens UK Final
2008 Mens UK 1st Semi Final
2008 Mens UK 2nd Semi Final
2008 Mens UK Pairs Final
2008 Mens UK Masters Final
2008 Junior Boys UK Final
2008 Mens UK Final

Challenges page

Challenge videos 

White -   Step ups Sit ups
Yellow –  Trunk sequence 1
Orange – Shoulder sequence
Green –  Trunk sequence 2
Blue    –   Abs & Arms Challenge
Purple – Press ups/ Push ups
Brown – Variable Pull ups
Black –  No name given

Event Listings  (members only)


Treadmill Pacer - Use this table to find out what pace you need to do, to cover a specific distance

The Record Sheet - A useful before and after sheet you can download so you can record & measure your power & strength gains

Weights Record Chart
- Blue grade member chart for High performance Training Programs

Training transitions information

All the Transition Training videos up to & including Orange Grade are available to watch and download if you have basic membership of this site.

White Grade
(41mins 25secs)
TT Sequence 1 -    Trunk & Lower                 2mins 40s
TT Sequence 2 –   Upper & Lower                 5mins 05s
TT Sequence 4 –   Lower Trunk & Upper       4mins 10s
TT Sequence 5 –   Lower & Upper                 3mins 15s
TT Sequence 6 –   Lower, Upper & Trunk      5mins
TT Sequence 13 – Upper & Trunk                  4mins 10s
TT Sequence 14 – Upper                               3mins 25s
TT Sequence 15 – Lower Trunk & Upper       2mins 05s
TT Sequence 17 – Lower & Trunk                 4mins 25s
TT Sequence 20 – Trunk                               1min 50s
TT Sequence 24 – Lower                              2mins 20s 
TT Sequence 35 – Lower                              3 mins

Yellow Grade (48mins 25s)
TT Sequence 3   – Lower                              3mins 10s
TT Sequence 16 – Upper                              4mins 05s
TT Sequence 18 – Trunk & Upper                 5mins
TT Sequence 19 – Upper                              5mins 30s
TT Sequence 21 – Lower Trunk Upper          5mins 10s
TT Sequence 25 – Lower and Upper             4mins 45s
TT Sequence 28 – Lower & Upper                 2mins 30s
TT Sequence 30 – Lower Trunk Upper           3mins 55s
TT Sequence 32 – Lower and Trunk              3mins
TT Sequence 42 – All                                     5mins 25s
TT Sequence 45 – Upper                               2mins 30s
TT Sequence 46 – Trunk                                3mins 25s 

Orange Grade (37Mins 55s)
TT Sequence 7   – Trunk                               4mins 25s
TT Sequence 8   – Upper                              4mins 20s
TT Sequence 10 – Upper and Trunk             5mins 40s
TT Sequence 11 – Lower Trunk & Upper      4mins 50s 
TT Sequence 12 – Lower                              4mins
TT Sequence 22 – Upper                              4mins 40s
TT Sequence 23 – Lower Trunk                    6mins 55s
TT Sequence 27 – Lower                              5mins 05s

Green Grade (42Mins 15s)
TT Sequence 9   – Lower Trunk & Upper       6mins 10s
TT Sequence 26 – Trunk & Upper                  6mins 55s
TT Sequence 29 – Lower & Trunk                 4mins 20s
TT Sequence 33 – Trunk Lower & Upper       8mins 20s
TT Sequence 34 – Lower Trunk & Upper       4mins       
TT Sequence 39 -  Trunk                               4mins 40s
TT Sequence 40 – Trunk & Upper                 3mins 25s
TT Sequence 41 – Trunk & Upper                 4min 25s

Blue Grade (36Mins)
TT Sequence 31 – Lower Upper                   6mins 20s 
TT Sequence 36 – Trunk                               6mins 05s
TT Sequence 37 – Trunk & Upper                 5mins
TT Sequence 38 – Trunk & Upper                 4min 45s
TT Sequence 51 – Upper                              2mins 40s
TT Sequence 58 – All                                    3mins 20s
TT Sequence 59 – All                                    3mins 50s
TT Sequence 70 – All                                    3mins 10s

Purple Grade (30Mins 25s)
TT Sequence 44 – All                                    3mins 50s
TT Sequence 52 – Lower & Trunk                 7mins 35s
TT Sequence 54 – Upper                              2mins 45s
TT Sequence 56 – All                                    3mins 50s
TT Sequence 60 – All                                    3mins 30s
TT Sequence 64 – All                                    2mins 23s
TT Sequence 65 – Trunk & Upper                 1min  5s
TT Sequence 69 – All                                    5mins 25s

Brown Grade (30Mins 20s)
TT Sequence 47 – Upper                              1min 25s
TT Sequence 48 – Trunk & Upper & Lower   1min 25s 
TT Sequence 53 – All                                    5mins 30s
TT Sequence 57 – All                                    2mins 15s
TT Sequence 63 – All                                    4mins 30s
TT Sequence 66 – All                                    6mins   
TT Sequence 67 – All                                    5mins 10s
TT Sequence 68 – All                                    4mins 5s

Black Grade (36Mins 5s)
TT Sequence 43 – All                                    2mins 25s
TT Sequence 49 – Legs, Trunk & Upper        6mins 50s
TT Sequence 50 – Trunk                               9mins
TT Sequence 55 – All                                    4mins 10s
TT Sequence 61 – Lower and Upper            2mins 20s
TT Sequence 62 – All                                    1min       
TT Sequence 71 -  All                                    2mins 40s
TT Sequence 72 – All                                    4mins 30s

Challenges Page

Fittest Man & Fittest Woman Challenge details Page

Annual Challenges
Britain’s Fittest Woman
Britain’s Fittest Octathalete

World's Fittest Octathalete
Worlds Fittest Female Octathalete

Europe's Fittest Man
Europe's Fittest Woman

North America's Fittest Man
North America's Fittest Woman

South America's Fittest Man
South America's Fittest Woman

Africa's Fittest Man
Africa's Fittest Woman

Asia's Fittest Man
Asia's Fittest Woman

Oceania's Fittest Man
Oceania's Fittest Woman
Top Group Motivator of the Year
Octathalon Trainer of the Year

Quarterly Challenges
Most improvement in the Quarter
Top Group Motivator of the Quarter

Monthly Challenges
Performance of the Month
Most full course times in a month.

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How the Octathalon began

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What to do in the gym


Training Tips Article
Non Member Training Tips Article
White     – When to ask the Kinaesthetic question. Heart Rate information. Cycling tips.
Yellow    -  Rowing style. Rhythm, Techniques you can practice. How to do 40 reps in one go.
Orange  – CV. Transitions. Step up styles.
Green    – Course time improvement curves.
Blue       – Periodisation for the Octathalon.
Purple    – Shoulder press tips. Best exercises to burn excess body fat.
Brown    – Threshold work. Right ratios.
Black      – Stressed threshold training.  G. training.

Health & Nutrition Article
Non Member Health & Nutrition Article
White     – The most important thing to know today about food and what you must avoid as much as possible
Yellow     - Cell health & why you need to know about this
Orange   - Iron bar stress
Green     -  What foods should we try to avoid, what ought we to eat more of
Blue       –  Foods to avoid for a 2 hour period after exercise
Purple    - The right foods to eat for your body type
Brown    - Classified
Black      - Classified

Mind & Body Article
Non Member Mind & Body Article
White    – The 'Power of the 'Ring' test.
Yellow   -  New practical techniques to enhance your mind body connection
Orange – The power of the mind - latest research changes everything we took for granted
Green    – Practical techniques to improve the Power of the Mind to improve your Octathalon performance
Blue       – Entering the ‘Zone’ – practical techniques
Purple    – Classified
Brown    - Classified
Black      - Classified

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