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We are living in the information age. Never before has there been so much information available for mankind to read and learn about. Too much in fact and we all have the same problem. There is more than we can read in our whole lifetime. The Astronomer Carl Sagan once said about the New York Library. “It contains more than all the information you will ever need in your life – the trick is to read the right books.

In the world of nutrition and health there is also too much for us to read and we also need to decide what is right for us. So what should we read and what should we disregard.

This question though does not just address the contents of what we read, but also the validity of it. There is lots of information out there that is just not true and, even that which we think of as true now, is often later disregarded as better information comes along.

In addition to that there are organisations out there in the World with vested interests who would like us to believe what they are saying in order for us to give them our money for their products and services. Some may be right in what they are saying, others we know are clearly not and just do not care about their customers, no matter what they say publicly, they just exist for their shareholders.

So what do we do?

The solution to all this is not as difficult as you might think.

The first thing is to always look at the alternate points of view. If someone is telling you that sea salt is good for you, find the opposing view and see how sea salt might be bad for you. There is nearly always an opposing view. Then look to your own experience and see which version fits the reality best.

In the training tips article you will read more about all the ways information is put out to us and what we can do ourselves about getting more information and more importantly the correct information.

Very often the alternative views are just not put across in the main stream media. That does not mean it is incorrect, just that it is probably economically sensitive information and the mainstream media does not want to upset its advertisers. You do not make money from publishing the truth – at least not at the moment. Even live TV is subject to restrictions on what it can show – just remember how controlled the TV cameras were during the Iraq war.

Freedom & truth are often suppressed where it protects profits.

These health and nutrition articles are gathered from areas that are not generally considered mainstream. Much of this information has been deliberately suppressed in the mainstream media because of its economic sensitivity.

There will be some things that you have probably come across before and there will likely be others that provide information new to you. Please do not believe this information. To believe what we, or others, write would be a poor strategy for determining the truth. You need to weigh up the pros and cons, perhaps compare things against your own personal experiences, or the experiences of those people close to you. You perhaps may have to even put the information to your own personal test. Only then will you begin to come closer to the truth.

Learn to trust your growing intuition. If you read the Mind Body articles and follow the techniques written about in these, you will find you will be able to trust more and more your own intuition.

Follow some of the nutritional advice in these articles and your body will likely become more cleansed and more sensitive to the environment it finds itself in and this in turn will grow your intuition and ability to determine what is right for you. The better you get at this the more you will find your physical and mental shape adapting the way it naturally should. 

In these Health and Nutrition articles you will read about what people are doing, through their nutrition and their lifestyle, to the cells in their body’s and how this is leading towards common illnesses like Stress, Cancer, Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease. The articles are a compilation from many sources and if you read these, in conjunction with the training articles and mind body articles, and then act on the information, you lives will be transformed as other lives already have.

In the White grade health & nutrition article you will learn about one of the greatest cover ups that is going on quite legally today. It shocked us to find out just how much of this cheap substitute was in our food and more importantly just how difficult it was to avoid foods containing it. This one thing is probably the greatest contributor to illnesses and obesity in the World today and it is a fantastic money spinner for the large corporations. There are natural alternatives to this that just are not coming through fast enough. The more people that become aware of this, the more that people’s health will improve. One big problem though is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find whether it has been added to some foods & drinks. We are not talking about Salt.

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