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Ones body and ones mind are intimately connected – no one can doubt that – but in today’s world the two are being drawn more and more apart. Our eyes and ears and also our other senses are under constant attack from everyone trying to gain our attention. The more the minds attention is drawn away from the body, the more the body becomes isolated.

It is now believed that this is when the earliest stages of illnesses begin. They are easily missed in these early stages because we have become less attuned to our bodies and eventually these illnesses take hold and grow to go on and display their more common outward symptoms.

In training we need to become more in tune with our bodies as that will help us avoid the onset of injuries as well as illnesses. Unfortunately more and more people are training their physical bodies in isolation from their minds. In gyms people watch TV & adverts, read newspapers and even listen to music whilst they exercise. No one stops to think for a minute if it could be doing us any harm.

The trouble is that when we do these things time passes faster and we end up doing our workout without perhaps noticing how long it took, nor how hard it was. People make the mistake in thinking this is a good thing as it helps us exercise. In the short term it probably is good for us and if we do it occasionally it is not a problem. However regular exercise is what is important and that means we need to be able to regularly become more attuned to our bodies.

You might think that all you need to do is to keep your mind more active when you exercise. However the mind needs to be more focussed than that.

The important thing here is to use ones mind more positively when we exercise and to do so in a way such that it harmonises with the body more.

Rather than immediately just accepting this statement, please consider that these are just words. In this series of articles we are going to give you short practical tests you can try in order to see the effects of this mind body harmony for yourself.

Only then should you decide if it is effective and something you want to continue to do.

As soon as you get good at working your mind in harmony with your body, you will begin to notice improvements. Firstly your Octathalon performances will start improving. Your training will become more effective and more appropriate for the stage of fitness you are at. You will spend less time over training or under training and that will mean you can keep progressively getting fitter where everyone else tends to get stuck in a rut of constant fitness and perhaps showing constant times for their performances.

In these Mind Body Articles, we have several exercises you can learn. These exercises have been collected over 20 years of practicing martial arts like Ki Aikido, working with some of the Elite Masters of these Arts and eliciting the mental strategies of these people as well as those who are adept at meditation. In some cases these techniques are only taught to others after many years of dedication and self study. What we have discovered though is that these things are very teachable and can be learnt very quickly and that it only takes a little bit of regular practice for results to become really noticeable.

In the introduction to the Health and Nutrition Articles and the Training Tips articles we discuss the importance of the right information, how to get it and how to judge it. We also pointed out how the World is becoming more secretive about its information with more and more research done privately and confidentially. In the Mind Body Articles the emphasis is now on your own private research even more. In fact you can only progress and get better by practicing yourself. What you do need though is expert guidance to begin with and good coaching later on. The difference between these two things is critical and will be explained in later articles. What we can tell you though is this information, and some of the exercises you will come across, also comes from some areas that are now just beginning to open their doors to the public about what they can do and how they do it.

You may ask if this is relevant to the Octathalon. Here are just some of the reasons why it could be regarded so:-

1.    Have you ever heard of people showing incredible feats of strength, or perhaps you have even seen it. e.g. being able to lift up a fallen tree off of a child in order for them to be pulled out from underneath it. These things do occur and from somewhere within the strength comes. When the mind and the body work in unification, amazing things like displays of strength can occur. Martial Artists know this and what we are doing with our grading system is to introduce you to a similar system of mental development that is geared around training and exercise and competing in the Octathalon. The added strength will greatly improve performances.

2.    Improved mental conditioning will also give you more mental toughness. You will need this to dig deeper in your training. The Octathalon champions win races because of the training they do. They are able to train harder and dig deeper.

3.    As you may have noticed by now, good performances in the Octathalon are largely down to good heart rate control. If your heart rate is too high, you will fail earlier with your reps on the weights. The training tips articles go into this in much more detail. However biofeedback is also hugely important at bringing your heart rates right down as much as possible before and during your race. This is where mind body coordination comes in. Building a good solid pre race mental strategy that is effective at controlling your body is critical in this and the later articles will help you gain one.

4.    When our top Octathaletes are training at their hardest, they dig into their reserves. For a short critical time afterwards their immune systems are suppressed because of the energy having been drained away from their vital organs into their arms and legs. This leaves them prone to all sorts of illnesses. This is countered by a strong mind body relationship that can protect them from these illnesses.

How this happens and how to create a better connection is all explained later on in these Mind Body articles. Some of the higher grade articles on health and nutrition also link in to this at the cellular level and you will learn what to eat and what to avoid in order to protect the most important part of the cell.

The Orange grade Mind Body article explains the importance of this part of the cell and the nutritional link with the advent of a very new area of science that is pushing the boundaries of the previously accepted paradigms. How this fits in with our Octathalon Training and what we can learn from that is then explained in the Blue Grade Training tips article and this in turn forms the basis of understanding for why the Brown and Black grade training tips are so effective when done with precision.

However first part of the journey is to discover the easiest Mind Body linking exercise and for that you will need to find someone else to work with so you can test each other and see for yourselves the Power of the Ring test.

This is the first of several techniques that you will learn, practice and get better at as you go up the grades. Just a reminder to you here is that once you get to the yellow grade there is no extra cost to learning this information, you just have to do the Octathalon courses and put up your improving times. The more you physically do, the more you can find out and learn.

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