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These training tips articles are all based around how you can get fitter faster by doing Octathalon training. No matter what your main sport is, training for the Octathalon as well, can get you even fitter and even improved performances in your other sport. There are good reasons why this is the case and these are covered in these articles.

In the Health and Nutrition Article the question of how to decide what information is correct is discussed. In that article we will briefly look at where you get your information and how important it is to keep an open mind – and how hard that can be.

We will look at some basic training information that has been compiled from a variety of sources as well as from top Octathaletes who have trained for these events for the last 6 years. Their knowledge can save you loads of time as you will get the right information early enough in your training to really make a much faster difference. These people had to go through many years of trial and error to see what worked and what did not.

If you want to just get fit, or to just get in shape, these articles will also give you the information to get you there faster than you perhaps might normally would and this can make all the difference in your motivation as the onset of early and continued results is one of the main drivers to sustaining your training.

If you are perhaps looking to be really competitive the higher grade articles will get you to supreme levels of fitness. The brown and black grade articles will help you develop a winning edge as in these articles you will find new training tips and mental strategies that you will not find elsewhere – as to why that is the case - just read on.

Combine this information with that found in the Mind Body articles and the Health and Nutrition articles and you will possibly become unbeatable in your sport and perhaps even in the Octathalon.

Most people get their information from the same sources Television, Newspapers, Magazines, Radio broadcasts and the Internet. A few get it from scientific newspapers but only the very few end up doing their own research.

Consider the World we now live in for a moment and all the scientific research that is going on. In the past it used to be done in the arena of the Universities with Professors publishing peer reviewed scientific papers. Now however, we live in a global corporate world where companies have huge research departments. If scientists working in these places discover something new – do you think they immediately go out and write a scientific paper about it? The answer is no. It becomes a corporate secret and highly confidential and something that the competition must not find out about – after all the research cost enough in the first place why would a corporation give it away for free.

Global Multi-Nationals are not alone in this. Consider governments and even military organisations and all their confidential research. Consider things closer to home and the sporting environment and the desire to win Olympic Gold medals. Do you think top coaches are sharing their hard earned knowledge. Even athletes are beginning to be shielded as to why they are being asked to do what they are doing. Information is being withheld for the same competitive reason – to keep an advantage to improve ones financial situation whether it be individual or corporate. We are making no judgement on this; we just want to point out that this is  the current status quo.

In these days if you want to develop an edge, it is getting harder and harder and the right information is getting more and more expensive. With the Octathalon you can get some terrific training information for only the price of membership to this site and after that it depends on how much training and competing in the Octathalon you actually do. The more you do, the fitter you get, the higher the grades you go up and then you get access to this information. We feel it offers exceptional value compared to what you are paying for elsewhere in the fitness industry.

The Octathalon has one clear advantage over other sports and because of this, we have been able to discover some really amazing things about fitness that are highly likely to be unknown anywhere else. The reason for this is that Octathalon training and Octathalon racing takes place in a very controlled environment. While you are actually competing, we can measure your heart rates, speed variations along with a whole host of other date. There is a saying “The more information you have, the more informed decisions you can make”. With all the information we have gathered we have been able to go on and make better and better training programs that are designed to do just one thing – Improve fitness by improving recovery rates so that our athletes can sustain activity for longer periods.

In our 2006 Octathalon Cup event, we had a world first. For the 1st time ever all competitors, during the live racing, could actually see each others heart rates on a large screen up in front of them all. They could make mid race decisions on their own race strategy based on information on how their competitors heart rates were doing. A whole new psychological dimension opened up to them and the importance of training with this in mind.

Put simply, if your heart rate is too high too soon, it becomes too inefficient at transporting oxygenated blood to your muscles. Too much adrenaline in your body from your racing due to the added psychological effect and that pushes up heart rates higher than normal and higher than in your training. This puts race plans out.

A way to compensate for this in training is needed, as is a way to train for this factor during the event. The solution to this and other problems can be found in the higher grade Mind Body Articles and these Training tips. Once you have read and understood these - the rest will be down to you. Alternatively you could seek out an Octathalon Coach who can also help you.

In all other sports, the carefully controlled environment is reduced considerably in the race itself. This has allowed us to monitor the human body’s performance under race condition pressure more accurately than any other sport. Only with digital heart rate technology is this possible. More on getting the right heart rate monitor and how you can use this in the best possible way can be found on the White grade training tips article that comes next after this one.

For the above reasons we have been able to go on to develop and design really precise training programs for our top Octathaletes. You will find information on these on the Brown and Black grade article
If you solely rely upon getting your information from the same sources as others, you run the risk of falling into the trap of performing like the others. If you are looking for something a little extra, or for something that works faster, then the Octathalon has a lot to offer you.

What is unique about the Octathalon and what makes it so special?

As a sport you may ask what makes it stand out from other sports and what really defines the Octathalon? In essence, we feel that it is all about your body’s efficiency and physical effectiveness. Whilst other sports need to have efficient bodies as well, they also have to have developed a skill in their training. With the Octathalon, the skill is in developing and training yours or other peoples, bodily efficiency. This efficiency is all around the following points.

1.    Firstly the ability of the body to quickly clear the muscles of lactic acid build up.
2.    Secondly it is about the body’s ability to shift a limited supply of blood from one area of the body to another as the exercises change.
3.    Thirdly it is a mental game. Control of ones heart rate can be done with mental exercising as well as physical training. If your heart rate is not trained to perform at exactly the right heart rate level for the right part of the race, it can become too inefficient at moving oxygen to the muscles. This is why heart rate training is integral to being successful at the Octathalon.

This is perhaps why the top Octathaletes are people who have the highest levels of all round strength and cardiovascular fitness than anyone else on the planet. As you learn with us, you too will learn more about the secrets that have been found out and are still being found out today.

We also have a different view about information we have learned from our own research. We consider that by sharing these secrets with other people who want to be part of our community, we know we will create an environment where we will learn more ourselves. You in turn, by sharing these secrets with those you train, will undoubtedly find and discover new things as well as this sport is still in its infancy. For some of those secrets you will need to read on.

The first bit of research we did was in eliciting successful strategies when it comes to exercise.

We interviewed hundreds of gym users over a short period of time to see what mental strategies they used. To do this we used tools from a subject called Neuro Linguisting Programming – sometimes known as N.L.P.

We obtained information on their age, height and weight and the amount of times they trained and how often they missed training and why and how often they had stopped their training for long periods of time before going back to it again. What really surprised us was that there was a clear cut distinction between the people who regularly used the gym and who had clearly derived benefit from that – in that they were fit and in shape as opposed to all the other people who used the gym, were not in shape, were not fit or who came and went to the gym with long periods off in between.

There was a clear out and out mental strategy that differed in those gym users who were successful. Not only that, this was a really easy strategy to put in place and after testing we soon found out that when people changed their strategy over to the new successful one, things dramatically started to make a difference.

It all surrounded when people asked themselves the Kinaesthetic Question.

In the White Grade article we will explain how this question works and what you have to do to start the new mental strategy.

We will also begin to show you some basic rules on beginning to work with heart rates. What will horrify many of you is that most gym equipment that provides you with heart rate workouts are up to 25% out for some people. The training zones that they give you will almost certainly mean that you are either being over trained or worse under trained which means that all your hard work in the gym will be doing next to nothing for you by way of leading to improvement

We have found many who have been over training and even more who have been under training for years and years and as soon as they discovered this more precise method there performances and their body shape began to improve dramatically.

In addition to this, if you have ever done a spinning class and not done this exercise, you should change your spinning teacher. Unfortunately it is a new exercise still to many people. The good news is that getting good at this will dramatically reduce your times for the Bike split in the first exercise in the Octathalon courses.

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