Group Training & Events information

1. Group Octathalon training sessions

Find your local Octathalon trainer, or get a local personal trainer to become one, and join in with the hugely enjoyable and successful group Octathalon training sessions. You will be paired up each time with a training partner and your trainer will ease you towards running through one of the Octathalon courses. Starting with the Duo’s and then the Quattro’s your training will build with your increasing fitness all with the added help of being part of a like minded group.

2. Local, Regional & National events – Pairs and Team Racing

If you like the idea of competing, you can do so at any level you want. You may like to just beat your own times and heart rate recovery times, you may be happy to just run though an Octathalon course in your own gym competing just against others from that gym. You may like the idea of competing in a team against another local gym, the choice is yours and you can even do this as part of a Pair if you do not want to compete over the whole course.
However it is possible you might be competitive and/or good enough to go on to compete Regionally and even Nationally. If that is the case then the Octathalon will offer you that as well.

3. Group competitions

Join an online group and find many on line competitions that the motivators create to help motivate their group members. It could be best improver of the month in one of many categories or even performance of the month. You could even find yourself competing against another on line group with the best times for a particular course over a 2 week period. It will always be different and if you want to change your motivator you can even do that as well in order to be with one that suits your style best.

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