Lose weight & gain shape information

4. Lose Weight & Gain Shape with no need to spend hours in the gym

With the Octathalon you do not need to spend hours in the gym or hours running or cycling outside. The short, sharp, intense, varied Octathalon training sessions, which focus on speedy transitions between the exercises, are found to rapidly burn off the calories and speed up your metabolism and these can be done in just an hour. Just running through the course will make a noticeable difference and that can take less than 25 minutes for most courses.

These are more than enough to help you realise your goals. One of the biggest hurdles that many people have in gaining the shape and weight they want is in finding the time, sustaining the motivation, avoiding becoming bored and not knowing what the best thing to do is. All these obstacles are a thing of the past with the Octathalon. The website helps give you sustained motivation with its Power of 8 ranking system. The videos on the website that you can download will also keep your interest up as well by giving you the right training to reach your goals.

5. Sustained motivation with the measurable results Octathalon gives you

Having an Octathalon to train for gives you a great goal and the many different courses, with all the Duo and Quatro course segments that you can time yourself on, will give you many ways to measure your improving performance over time. These times can be entered by yourself on the online database.

After several weeks of improvement you will still find that you can knock off a few more seconds. This continues even after the well known initial early gain period, after which most people often give up as they fail to see further progression with other forms of measurement like weight loss. Not so with the Octathalon. The gains in performance are also increasingly obvious in other areas like heart rate recovery times. The profile page where your performances over time are found gives you a chance to see improvements in your heart rates and in your course times on a graph. When you see continued improvement on a graph over a longer period of time, long beyond the early gain period, you will find that your motivation has been sustained for longer and that you are now getting the all round results you were looking for.

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