Body types and the Octathalon courses


Ok so we have 8 different courses in the Octathalon not including the senior and junior courses.


Why? Because we realise that not everyone is built the same and it would be a dull and boring world if we all were.


There are 3 different body types: The Ectomorph, The Mesomorph and The Endomorph. We thought it a lot fairer for competitors to have Octathalon courses better suited for their own body type.


This way, Ectomorphs can race other Ectomorphs, Endomorphs against other Endomorphs and so on.


You might think 3 courses were enough, but you also get combinations of body types.


Most people are a combination of 2 of the body types – The Ectomorph/Mesomorph or Mesomorph/Endomorph, but you do get others.


We also wanted to make some courses that were really testing for our top competitors and this was how we just ended up with the number we have.



One of the first things we ask you to do with the Octathalon is to select an appropriate course for you. There is a good diagram on the website that will help you decide (Click here).


The reason we ask you to choose a course is that the training programs you do will all relate to weights, distances and repetitions for that course. This makes the training programs much more relevant and appropriate for individual.


Knowing your body type will help you choose an appropriate course. Here are some guidelines:-


The Ectomorph is the slim guy or chick that has low levels of muscle as well as body fat. They have trouble putting weight on and the Octathalon course that would best suit this person would be the Ironman Octathalon.


The Mesomorph is the muscular maiden and the guy that is the best type for bodybuilding. They are naturally strong and can keep body fat down. They do tend to gain fat more easily than Ectomorphs and the combination of weight training and cardio works very well for this type of body. The Octathalon Cup Course is a good choice for them to aim for.


The Endomorph is the curvy girl or the rounded stocky type of guy. They have slow metabolisms and tend to gain fat very easily. They are usually very strong especially in the upper legs and are in good at exercises like the squat. The Sprint Octathalon course is a good course for these body types to aspire to. This is a very tough course though and progression should come via the Rock Octathalon and before that the Short course or the Club Course.



The Ectomorph/Mesomorph combination is likely to be best suited to the Ultra-Cup Octathalon course.


The Mesomorph/Endomorph combination is likely to likely to do best at the Rock Octathalon course.


The Endomorph/Ectomorph is a rare combination and more likely to be a mixture of all three body types. For these people the Club course is an excellent place to start with a progression to either the Ultra Club course, the Cup course or the Rock Course depending on the dominant body type within them.


The good thing is it is your choice and everyone will be able to do several courses and be competitive over more than one of them.


If you are not yet fit enough to do any of these courses, you will find a progression towards them on the Octathalon courses diagram (Click here).


Typical Ectomorphic shape

  • Flat chest
  • Small shoulders
  • Thin physique
  • Small delicate bones

Typical Mesomorphic shape

  • Strong broad shoulders, rectangular shape body
  • Athletic & muscular physique
  • Thick bones

Typical Endomorphic shape

  • Stocky build & tends to have good strong leg muscles
  • Soft body
  • Tends to have a slow metabolism