What is EPOC ?


This is Excess Post exercise Oxygen Consumption and is something that people who want to lose weight and who want to lose extra body fat should be very interested in.


Basically it’s the ‘Afterburn’- the calories you burn after you exercise. Not all types of workouts give you this.


The more lean muscle mass you have; the more your body is able to burn the calories. So hitting the weights room makes a lot of sense.

You should look to ramp up your workouts and combine resistance training with interval training – Do shorter sessions and take shorter rest periods.

This will work both your cardiac and skeletal muscles at the same time.

In fact it is just like in the training sessions you can get from the Octathalon!


For years it has been said that to reduce fat you should go for longer and slower workouts (Low Intensity Workouts - LIW) and that you should keep your heart rate at the lower end of its training range in order to lose weight.

This is sometimes still referred to as exercising in the ‘fat burning zone’ and in some dated gyms you can still see it on some heart rate charts and cardio machines.


It is true that you can burn more fat and more calories in these LIW’s than you would do with a High Intensity Workout (HIW).However it has been discovered that these low intensity workouts offer almost no calorific ‘Afterburn’ and your metabolism returns to normal within minutes after your workout.


This latest research has shown that you’ll burn even more calories during and after working out if you increase your intensity to over 75% of your maximum effort. Then your metabolism can even be elevated for several hours afterwards which means you will continue to burn up calories after your workout!


This HIW training will reduce fat levels but the training must be done carefully and under control if you are to take full advantage of the benefits. For example, if you are looking to lose weight, eating and drinking the wrong food and drink in a 2 hour window afterwards can undo all your good work. If you push too hard in the HIW training, you will also be in danger of over training, becoming over tired and possibly even getting injured.


Articles in this website tell you more about what food & drink you need to avoid and there are also some excellent HIW programs that will train you at just the right level in order to get you the maximum benefits.