Challenge videos   

White Grade Challenge -   Step ups Sit ups  - 4 times Tough Guy winner and Mens 2009 Ultra-Octathalon Cup Champion Vito Graffagnino shows just how quick this little Duo can be done. If you can beat his time here you will be doing exceedingly well.

Yellow Grade Challenge –  A Trunk sequence – Try to do the whole sequence without stopping.    

Orange Grade Challenge – A Shoulder sequence - Try to do the whole sequence without stopping

Green Grade Challenge –   A Trunk sequence - A little teaser this one. It looks simple but the challenge is to do all the exercises in under 1 min 30 secs. Tougher than it looks.

Blue Grade Challenge   –   An Abs & Arms Challenge - Try this 30 rep 4 exercise challenge. Your aim is get under 2 mins.

Purple Grade Challenge –  A Press ups/ Push ups Challenge - How many of these types of press/push ups can you do in this short time period.

Brown Grade Challenge –  A variable Pull ups challenge - 2 sets of 3 different pull ups with 3 reps each a total of 18 in under 1 minute without resting on the ground

Black Grade Challenge
 –   No name given - This is probably one of the hardest exercises ever. We would be extremely surprised if there were more than 5000 people in the World who could do just one rep. Probably less than 1000 who could do 2 reps and less than 10 people would could do more than 5 reps. Here you will see unedited, non stop footage of one of our male Octathalon Champions doing 6 reps !!! If you can do more we want to know. Just send us a video of you doing more and we will put it up on the site for everyone to see to give you the recognition you deserve.

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