Fittest Man & Fittest Woman Challenges

The Power of 8 works with 6 different World Regions. No other sport divides itself up in the same geographical manner as the Octathalon. Members can represent their countries as well as being part of a wider Regional competition.

In the UK we already have successfully created the title of Britain's Fittest Woman. Have a look at the website

We have now gone on to create new titles, where they are available, for each Region that we use in the Power of 8.

These are annual titles than anyone can win.

To be crowned a Regions Fittest Man or Woman you will need to complete one of the toughest challenges there is. It has to be a challenge that everyone can attempt and a challenge that does not favour just the strong, nor just those that have high levels of endurance, nor one that just tests speed of recovery. It needs to test all of those and more.

Such an all round challenge is just what the Octathalon can deliver. Read the details below the photo.

Here is what you have to do:-

1. Each year the challenge for the titles begins on the 1st January and ends on June 30th. The winner holds the title for 1 year until June 30th the year after.

2. In those 6 months competitors have to do 4 Octathalon courses with verified times. These courses must be the following:-

The Rock Octathalon, The Octathalon Cup, The Ultra-Octathalon Cup, The Ironman Octathalon

3. You can attempt to run through these courses as many times as you like, but you must have a licensed Octathalon trainer verify your times and you must be a member of this website.

4. In doing these 4 courses you have 3 extra deadlines. One of the courses best times must be done by the 31st March and that result will count towards the final result. A second courses 'best time' must have been done by the 30th April and that time will be used in the final result. A third courses 'best time' must have been done by the 31st May and that time will count toward the final result. The last course 'best time' must then be done by the 30th June. The order in which you do these courses is up to you but the times must be put up on this website before each deadline.

5. To decide who is the winner a weighting factor is applied to the time for each course. This weighting factor balances out the competition and makes it fairer as it then does not favour the specialist in just one of these courses. All the times are first converted into seconds. The seconds are then multiplied by the following factors and converted into points and the points are then added up.

For the Rock Octathalon you multiply your total number of seconds by 6.

For the Cup Octathalon you multiply your total number of seconds by 3.5

For the Ultra-Octathalon Cup you multiply your total number of seconds by 2

The Ironman Octathalon number of seconds used is the number of points you get.

6. All the new points are then added up and the person with the lowest score wins the title.

We will publish the ongoing positions for the challenge for the title under the relevant page in this challenge section

Fittest Man and Fittest Woman Challenges - Click here to go to the following pages to see the results as they come in

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7.    South America's Fittest Man
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9.    Africa's Fittest Man
10.  Africa's Fittest Woman
11.  Asia's Fittest Man
12.  Asia's Fittest Woman
13.  Oceania's Fittest Man
14.  Oceania's Fittest Woman
15.  Worlds Fittest Female Octathalete
16   Worlds Fittest Octathalete