Transition Training

Transition Training videos

No one is talking on these videos – just watch and then copy them

8 Reasons …

1. These videos offer you a challenge. The challenge is to complete the full sequence of the exercises shown - in the way that they are shown. Every video ends in a full sequence of all the exercises in the routine. This is your goal.
2. The challenge is sometimes more physical, sometimes more technical and sometimes just more mental and sometimes you just need to find a rhythm to get you through to the end.

3. Some of these videos are built up in different ways so you will have to look carefully at how the full routine is constructed.

4. What you will also find is the incredible number of different exercises in all these routines, including some new exercises you will not have seen elsewhere.

5. The secret is in the transitions. By doing lots of transitions quickly you will find rapid gains in your levels of fitness.

6. All the sequences use 4 repetitions and light weights so they are all possible to do. You can increase the difficulty by increasing the weights and the reps.

7. Many of these can be done in your own home with minimal investment in equipment. So if you cannot get to a gym, or cannot go all the time, these sequences offer you a great way to keep improving your fitness.

8. The full sequence in each video has been done by one of our top female Octathaletes Jacqui Macquisten. They are non stop videos proving the full sequence is being done non stop. This shows that they can be all be done. 

Click on number of the TT sequence to get to the video. On that page you will also be able to download the video. 

(Before anyone contacts us about our spelling, we would like to point out that we just prefer to spell Dumbell with 1 b & like spelling it that way - you could just think of it as saving a little bit of ink as well)

All the videos up to Brown Grade are available to watch and download with Basic membership to this site.

WHITE GRADE                
TT Sequence 1   White   Bosu ball, Medicine ball   Trunk & Lower   2 mins 40s
TT Sequence 2   White   Large ball, Dumbells   Upper & Lower   5 mins 05s
TT Sequence 4   White   Large ball, Barbell   Lower Trunk & Upper   4 mins 10s
TT Sequence 5   White   Bands   Lower & Upper   3 mins 15s
TT Sequence 6   White   Dumbells, Barbell, Large ball   Lower, Upper & Trunk   5 mins
TT Sequence 13   White   Dumbells, Large ball   Upper & Trunk   4 mins 10s
TT Sequence 14   White   Dumbells, Bench or Large ball   Upper   3 mins 25s
TT Sequence 15   White   Dumbells   Lower Trunk & Upper   2 mins 05s
TT Sequence 17   White   Large Ball   Lower & Upper   4 mins 25s
TT Sequence 20    White   Medicine Ball   Trunk   1 min 50s
TT Sequence 24   White   Dumbells, Step up box   Lower   2 mins 20s
TT Sequence 35   White   Large ball, Dumbells, Box   Lower   3 mins
YELLOW GRADE                
TT Sequence 3   Yellow   Bands, Large ball, Dumbells   Lower   3 mins 10s
TT Sequence 16   Yellow   Barbell, Large ball, Dumbells   Upper   4 mins 05s
TT Sequence 18   Yellow   Large ball, Barball   Trunk & Upper   5 mins
TT Sequence 19   Yellow   Dumbells, Large ball   Upper   5 mins 30s
TT Sequence 21   Yellow   Large ball, Dumbells   Lower Trunk & Upper   5 mins 10s
TT Sequence 25   Yellow   Step up box, barbel, Dumbells, Wobble plate, Bands   Lower & Upper   4 mins 45s
TT Sequence 28   Yellow   Step up box, Dumbells   Lower & Upper   2 mins 30s
TT Sequence 30   Yellow   Large ball, Dumbells   Lower Trunk Upper   3 mins 55s
TT Sequence 32   Yellow   Step up box, Dumbells   Lower & Trunk   3 mins
TT Sequence 42   Yellow   Step up box, Bender ball, Barbell   All   5 Mins 25s
TT Sequence 45   Yellow   Dumbells, Wobble ball   Upper   2 Mins 30s
TT Sequence 46   Yellow   Small squashy ball, Large ball   Trunk   3 Mins 25s

ORANGE GRADE                
TT Sequence 7   Orange   Large ball, Barbell,   Trunk   4 mins 25s
TT Sequence 8   Orange   Dumbells, Large ball, Box or Bench   Upper   4 mins 20s
TT Sequence 10   Orange   Dumbells, Bench   Upper & Trunk   5 mins 40s
TT Sequence 11   Orange   Bosu ball, Dumbells   Lower, Upper & Trunk   4 mins 50s
TT Sequence 22   Orange   Bench, Dumbells, Bands   Upper   4 mins 40s
TT Sequence 23   Orange   Large ball, Dumblls, Bands   Lower Trunk   6 mins 55s
TT Sequence 27   Orange   Dumbells, Step up box   Lower   5 mins 05s
GREEN GRADE                
TT Sequence 9     Green   Step up box, Dumbells, Medicine ball, Barbell   Lower Trunk & Upper   6 mins 10s
TT Sequence 26   Green   Bench, Medicine ball, Dumbells   Trunk & Upper   6 mins 55s
TT Sequence 29   Green   Step up box, Dumbells, Large ball, Medicine ball   Lower & Trunk   4 mins 20s
TT Sequence 33   Green   Step up box, Bands, Large ball, Bench   Lower & Trunk   8 mins 20s
TT Sequence 34   Green   Barbel   Trunk Lower & Upper   4 mins
TT Sequence 40   Green   Bike, bench   Trunk & Upper   3 Mins 25s
TT Sequence 41   Green   Bike, Dumbells, Bench   Trunk & Upper   4 Min 25s
BLUE GRADE                
TT Sequence 31   Blue   Medicine ball, Dumbells   Lower Upper   6 mins 20s
TT Sequence 37   Blue   Rower, Dumbells, Large ball   Trunk & Upper   5 mins
TT Sequence 38   Blue   Rower, Medicine ball, Dumbells, Large ball   Trunk & Upper   4 min 45s
TT Sequence 51   Blue   Barbell, Bench   Upper   2 Mins 40s
TT Sequence 58   Blue   Power bag, Step up box   All   3 Mins 20s
TT Sequence 59   Blue   Power bag   All   3 Mins 50s

TT Sequence 70

  3 Mins 10s
PURPLE GRADE                
TT Sequence 44   Purple   Powerbag   All   3 Mins 50s
TT Sequence 52   Purple   Step up Box Dumbells   Lower & Trunk   7 Mins 35s
TT Sequence 54   Purple   Kettle bells 2 sizes   Upper   2 Mins 45s
TT Sequence 56   Purple   2 Gliders, 2 Handles, Medicine Ball   All   3 Mins 50s
TT Sequence 64   Purple   Wobble ball, Medicine Ball   All   2 Mins 23s
TT Sequence 65   Purple   Tornado ball   Trunk & Upper   1 Min 5s

TT Sequence 69

  Barbell, Step up Box, Medicine Ball
  5 Mins 25s

TT Sequence 47   Brown   Bench and Ball   Upper   1 Min 25s
TT Sequence 48   Brown   Bosu Ball and Large Ball   Trunk & Upper & Lower   1 Min 25s
TT Sequence 57   Brown   2 Kettle bells same size   All   2 Mins 15s
TT Sequence 63   Brown   Step up Box, Body pump bar, Barbell   All   4 Mins 30s.
TT Sequence 66   Brown   Bench, Barbell, Large Ball   All   5 Mins 57s
TT Sequence 67   Brown   Wobble Board, Medicine ball   All   5 Mins 10s

TT Sequence 68

  4 Mins 5s
BLACK GRADE                
TT Sequence 43   Black   Bosu ball, Large ball, Dumbells   All   2 Mins 25 s
TT Sequence 49   Black   Bench, Bosu Ball, Dumbells   Legs, Trunk & Upper   6 Mins 50s
TT Sequence 50   Black   Bench, Bosu Ball, Large ball, Medicine ball   Trunk   9 Mins
TT Sequence 55   Black   Kettle bells 2 sizes, Step up box, Large ball   All   4 Mins 10s
TT Sequence 61   Black   1 body pump bar   Lower & Upper   2 Mins 18s
TT Sequence 62   Black   2 Mats   All   1 Min

TT Sequence 71

  Abstraps, Step up Box
  2 Mins 40s

TT Sequence 72

  Step up Box, 2 Sets Dumbells, Barbell, Bosu ball
  4 Mins 30s