What others say

Octathalon feedback

How much did you enjoy the training in the run up to the Octathalon event and why?

“Really enjoyed it (despite thinking I wouldn’t) The group training really helped me push myself and to get to know other people at the gym.” Shonagh P.
“I really enjoyed the training. The trainers kept you motivated and varied what we did each session.” Zoe A.
“Loved the training, great team support and atmosphere. Really improved my fitness and gave me something to focus on.” Beccy H.
“I really enjoyed the training, although it was hard, I feel much fitter.” Nicola C.
“Good training, - loved team atmosphere/ social aspect want to get really specific on training ie heart rate etc” Andy C.
“At the time it was hardcore but the buzz afterwards is amazing. I enjoyed it because the camaraderie and the way my fitness level increased.” Ellen D.
“Awesome! Team spirit outstanding.” Bob H.

What results have you had – weight loss / Fitness levels etc?

“Feel much fitter – my running (main sport) has improved a lot because my cardio fitness has improved.” Shonagh P.
“Fitness levels are best ever. My fitness is the best it has been it has ever been since I gave up diving in my teens ” Sarah V.
“Weight loss and improved fitness level. More focused. Improved strength.” Becky H.
“I have lost half a stone and feel much fitter.” Nicola C.
“Body fat percentage dropped raising lean mass and my road running, rowing and gym fitness have improved a lot.” Ellen D.

How effective and how much fun are these group training sessions compared to other training you have done in the past?

“I’ve not really done group training in the past but these have been really good. Everyone has been really supportive in encouraging individual improvement” Shonagh P.
“So much more fun than any other training” Louise S.
“Extremely effective. Much more focused than training alone & so much fun! Have made firm friends” Sarah V.
“I haven’t really done this sort of training before but the team were great and all encouraged each other to do well.” Zoe Adams
“Training sessions were very effective, great social side and brilliant fun. Sessions were well organised and ran well.” Becky H.
“Training sessions were good fun and harder work than any other session” Nicola C.
“100% Loved atmosphere/ Fun/ Social/ Encouragement/Banter” Andy C.
“I love the group training as everyone I train with are really nice & so supportive of each other. It’s really fun.” Parisa H.
“Group sessions are more fun because of the team spirit and camaraderie. It is motivating and you tend to push yourself harder in a group environment” Ellen D.
“Very fun and a lot better than other classes. THE BEST!!” Bob H.