Octathalon Heart Rate Training Diary

The Octathalon Training Diary for individuals is a tailored, periodised set of 30 training sessions that will suit everyone from top sportspeople to those who are venturing into the world of getting fit. The reason for this is because the programs are based on heart rates and establishing levels of strength at the outset.

The Diary comes with pictures all the exercises and many more related ones that are put together in sequencies that almost guarantee improvement in ones shape.

The instruction you get in the diary in how best to use your heart rate monitor is based on 3 years of top level research with the two current Octathalon Champions.

Some of the findings that have come out of this work, from using the very latest digital heart rate technology from Suunto, are not available anywhere else in the World and these have been put into the training diary sessions for your immediate benefit. The result is a level of precision heart rate training that ensures you will neither under nor over train which means you will get fitter faster and safer.

The Diary can be used again and again and it will always be beneficial to you as the programs are based around taking you from your current level of strength and fitness up to higher levels. To help with this we also offer the complete range of 30 sessions as a download to all buyers.

Every session is available as an A4 page you can take to your gym if you do not want to use your diary every time. Just use the contact us page to let us know you would like these pages.

The Diary comes with great tips and ideas from the top champions in the Octathalon sport and you will find many new things that will keep you interested and motivated with your training.

Each of the 30 sessions have names that give an indication of the type of workout. Some are alot tougher than others as the intensity varies and grows towards the run through of an Octathalon course.

1. Heart & Sole 

2. PowerBase 

3. CoreWork 

4. Running up a Sweat 

5. Stairway to Heaven

6. Tour de Force

7. Crossing Oceans & Mountains

8. Firing Quads 

9. Growing Pains 

10. Uphill all the Way 

11. Cycling to Work 

12. Step on it

13. Touching Transitions 

14. Pairing Up 

15. Musclemania 

16. Sweet Sixteen 

17. Ending and Beginning

18. Double up 

19. First & Last 

20. Ups and Downs 

21. Peddle into Trouble 

22. Run for your Life 

23. Boat Load 

24. Lactic Burn 

25. Finish before the Start 

26. Around the Middle 

27. Steady Ready Go 

28. Mind the Gap 

29. Speedy Gonzales 

30. Sensory Overload