Own profile page information

Some people like to have some idea of what is inside a members area. This page gives you just a glimpse of what the own profile area looks like.
Here is an example of an Own Profile page. You will notice that all Octathalon times entered are displayed in your profile and that you can further sort these on a number of different categories in the selection box at the bottom which works in a similar way as the power of 8.

Soon to come will be a place for the name of your trainer and a link to events. Remember, only as a member, when you click on a name can go to that person's profile. When groups start in phase 2 you will be able to allow only your own group members to see your profile should you wish that.

You can add up to 8 profile photos. We have selected 8 as a maximum to ensure a level of quality is kept.

This is an example of the input results page. It is quick simple and easy to put in your results and in seconds you will see you new position on the ranking list. Heart rate differences from the end of completing the course for the next 1 min and the next 2 mins can be added to your data. New functions coming soon will allow you to display graphs of the times and the heart rate data.

Here is an example of a page where a particular course has been chosen from out of all the persons results and where the personal best time is  shown as a Region Ranking (in this case Europe) and a World Ranking. These rankings are for your age group only. All age group ranking positions can be found on the power of 8 page selections.

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