This series of pages and videos on stretching covers a variety of different stretches, why and when to use them as well as showing you how with several videos. Some of these can be downloaded for your future use to help you build up your own stretching routines.

Reduce the chance of injury - You should warm up with a few minutes of gentle CV exercise before you start your warm up stretches. This should be just enough time to get you heart rate higher and to get your blood circulation going well. Older people may need to spend a slightly longer period of time doing this but 3 - 6 mins should be fine for most people. Stretching after this should be considered as part of your warm up and the aim here is to lengthen your muscles as that will help reduce the likelihood of injury. Typically static stretches and active stretches are good to do at this time.

Recover faster - After exercise stretching has the main aim of helping the muscles to recover faster and it helps to get rid of the waste products left in the muscles after exercise. Faster recovery means you can train more and more effectively next time.
You should stretch slowly and carefully without causing yourself any pain and while you do this you should breathe normally and relax as this helps keep the blood flowing well and this in turn is what helps flushes out the unwanted waste product in the muscles.

More strength more power - Muscles with a short range of movement will give you less strength and less power. This is why we need to lengthen the muscles in the warm up stretching stage before your workout. It is important to stretch all your muscles and not just a few. As there are many different stretches that can be done, and many that overlap each other such that some muscles get stretched again and again, it is best to get a really good selection that covers all your muscles without too much repetition.

Stretching videos  

-     Active stretches - How to

-     Static stretches - How to

-     Passive stretches - How to

-    Foam Roller warm down routine

-     Dynamic warm up routine - On this page you can download this routine

-     PNF stretches - How to

-     Resistance stretches routine  - On this page you can download this routine

-    Active stretches routine  - On this page you can download this routine

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