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We currently have over 75 training programs that have been specifically designed to work in a way that is appropriate for each individual no matter how fit or unfit they are. They have been carefully constructed so that they work progressively if you do them in order.

Follow them and you will get 6 - 9 months of training that will reshape you, your health and your life.

Inspiration & Perspiration but never boredom

Follow these and you will soon find your body will begin to form the natural shape it was meant to be.

It is your choice where you begin your journey. If you are new to health and fitness, we recommend you start with the Starter Training Programs. If you are already fairly fit, try the Core Training programs. Before you begin - please read the General Instructions at the bottom of this page.

Starter Programs - White grade - Click on the link to be taken to the page with all the starter programs on

Starter Training Programs

Core Octathalon Training programs - 1 to 10 White Grade, 11-25 Yellow Grade                                            

 Training Program 1 Training Program 2
 Training Program 3
 Training Program 4
Training Program 5
 Training Program 6
 Training Program 7  Training Program 8
 Training Program 9
 Training Program 10
 Training Program 11  Training Program 12  Training Program 13  Training Program 14  Training Program 15
 Training Program 16  Training Program 17  Training Program 18  Training Program 19  Training Program 20
 Training Program 21  Training Program 22  Training Program 23
 Training Program 24  Training Program 25

Above are 25 Training Programs. They are similar to the 5 Free Taster Training sessions but they have been considerably enhanced. These are a series of Training programs that are progressive and if you are not sure where to start, or if you do not have any preferences, we recommend that you start with the first one and go on to the last, either doing 1,2, 3 or more a week depending on your available time and your desire to train along with your ability to recover sufficiently well enough to be able to go on and do the next session. The first 10 programs are available to white grade members the remainder are for yellow grade members. Its easy to grade to yellow though - just put in a Duo time for one of the Octathalon courses and ask your trainer to grade you. If you do not have one, email us at and we will grade you.

Enhanced Cardio Vascular Training programs - Green grade and above only

CV Program 1
CV Program 2 CV Program 3
CV Program 4
CV Program 5 CV Program 6 CV Program 7 CV Program 8
CV Program 9 CV Program 10 CV Program 11
CV Program 12
CV Program 13 CV Program 14 CV Program 15
CV Program 16

Above are 16 training programs that will greatly improve your cardio vascular performance. They provide stimulating and varied training that will keep you highly motivated in your time at the gym. Integrate these programs into the others on this page and you will end up with huge performance gains. All these programs have been taken from actual programs done by one of the top Octathaletes in their actual build up to an event.

High Performance Training Programs - Blue grade and above only

HPT Program 1
HPT Program 2
HPT Program 3
HPT Program 4
HPT Program 5
HPT Program 6 HPT Program 7 HPT Program 8
HPT Program 9
HPT Program 10
HPT Program 11 HPT Program 12
HPT Program 13
HPT Program 14
HPT Program 15
HPT Program 16
HPT Program 17
HPT Program 18
HPT Program 19
HPT Program 20
HPT Program 21
HPT Program 22

Above are 22 programs designed to help bring your Octathalon times down even more. If you think you have reached a plateau and cannot get faster, these are for you. They will bring out speed and strength you never thought you had. Again they have been designed so that they suit everyone appropriately. They are not programs for beginners though which is why they are only available at Blue Grade and above. Just work through them in order from 1-22 in your own time leaving only enough times between each session as your body's recovery allows.

Before you begin the High Performance Training Programs you need to read & understand the High performance Training Notes - Click here 


All these programs have been designed & tested by Octathalon Champion Jacqui Macquisten. They have been put together from some of her own training programs in a way that everyone can now benefit from them whether male or female, fit or unfit, young or old. Just follow the first 25 and you will see a noticeable improvement in your fitness and your shape. Progress on to do the 22 High Performance Training programs and you will really begin to surprise yourself.

Before you begin there are some initial instructions you will need in order to use the programs.

General Instructions

  1. Choose your Octathalon course – one that is best for you body type and fitness level. Click here to look at all the courses.
  2. Make a note of the weights and required repetitions used on that course – these weights and repetitions will sometimes be used in these training programs.
  3. Always warm up before starting the programs. This should be both cardiovascular exercise and stretching. Click here for stretching routines on videos that you can watch &/or download.  It is worth noting that with age you may want to spend longer doing your warm up routines to ensure you have good blood circulation throughout your body. This means your warm up must raise your heart rate & your breathing rate. Aiming to finish your warm up with a short amount of time on an RPE of 8 is one way to do this.


RPE - Rate of Perceived Exertion

Please note that to keep at the specified RPE you may be finding that you have to do the exercise more slowly. It is more important to do that and to sustain the recommended RPE than to keep the same speed up. This will improve fitness and the speed will then come.

Please also note that there are many stretching videos and articles on this site and we recommend you use these to do your warm up and cool down stretches before and after doing these training programs

All these exercises feature in the 72 transition training videos so if you are unsure of what to do, look at the exercises in these. Click here to go to the Transition Training Video page.

 RPE Level  Comments
 1. Normal breathing while sitting in a chair
 2. Exercise requiring slightly heavier breathing than normal, like walking fast
 3. A short run where you need to start breathing faster and harder will get you to this level
 4. Casual cycling with a noticeable increased breathing rate and noticeable use of your leg muscles working will get you to this level
 5. Light jogging that does not bring on perspiration will lead to this RPE
 6. Cycling up a hill or light running at a pace that will lead to perspiration and a deep but still relaxed breathing rate
 7. Noticeable heart rate beat, deep breathing and heavy perspiration that is quick to appear will find you at this level
 8. Fast breathing, heavy perspiration, intense exercise that is hard but can be maintained for reasonable periods of time
 9. Extreme breathing, often at an irregular rate and maximum perspiration rate. Exercising at this level is extremely hard and cannot be done for very long
 10. Very hard maximum effort leading to total exhaustion and collapse in a short period of time