High Performance Training Program 7

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1. Single leg high resistance cycling - 6 mins – change legs every 20 secs

It is easy to set the resistance too high for this exercise. The aim is to try to get between 65-75 rpm with as smooth an action as possible. if you have not yet read the mind body article on visualisation techniques for the bike you should as it will help you with this exercise and with your performance.

2. Deadlifts standing on step – 5-8 reps            Type  - Romanian deadlifts & Normal reps

The technique is the same as the one previously written for this exercise in these programs. This time however by doing the exercise on the edge of a step, as in the picture, you will be able to lower the bar further. This stretches the hamstrings further and develops them further because of that. Do these at a normal speed - around 1 sec down and 1 sec up. If you go down as far as you can go and feel that you are unable to come back up, just release the bar and drop the weight and consider it an eccentric lift as described in an earlier program.

3. Octathalon Bench Press – 3-5 rep max

We recommend you get some assistance with this exercise, or at least use stands or a rack to put the weights back on should you not manager the lift. Be sure to get your elbows directly under the bar when you lift. A common mistake is that people lift the bar upwards and back over their head so that the bar is now actually directly above the eyes and not the chest. This should be avoided. Just lift the bar above the chest to a point where the elbows are locked out and lower it down to gently touch your chest. Bouncing the bar off your chest should be avoided. Keep your hips on the bench as well and do not arch your back excessively as that can lead to injury.

4. Decline sit ups slow reps – 5-8 reps

Having done decline sit ups with weights you should be able to do these slowly. Take your time and leave around 3-4 seconds to go up and to go back down.

5. Back extensions with weights 5-8 reps                 Type   - Negative reps Upper end

This exercise must be done carefully and certainly not fast. Essentially it is the top end movement of the back extension so you will not come back down as far. Your trunk should not be lowered below the horizontal position and it should rise as far up as it will go during the extensional phase. Select an appropriate weight to use for your body type so that you can do between 3 & 5 reps whilst still keeping good form.

6. Barbell Front raise - 3-5 Reps

Keep your arms nearly straight during this exercise with your elbows not quite locked out. Do the movement slowly and avoid excessive leaning back and arching of the back. Select a weight where you can do this exercise for 3 to 5 reps whilst still keeping good form.

7. High (7 Risers) Box Step ups – with race weights (Max 10kg)

Set your watch and do 1 min of these Box Step ups. Take a 30 sec rest and repeat with another 1 min. Aim to do these so that you have an RPE of around 8. This will mean slowing down at times and perhaps going faster at the beginning. With the extra height than normal you will have to watch your balance. To do this you should use your arms and the dumbells more to help you balance in order to keep your back fairly straight.

8. 25 Explosive Rowing Drills with back of rower on box maximum resistance

If you are allowed to raise the back of the rower that is fine. If not the exercise can still be done on the flat. Do not rush back up the slide to do the next explosive pull. You should take around 4-5 seconds coming forward to do the next one. One reason for the incline is that you can control your slide back before the next stroke more easily so that you take enough time. This helps you begin to improve your rhythm. TOP TIP try to do each pull exactly 5 seconds after the last one. If you can learn good timing it shows you are learning good control and rowing well is all about keeping control under pressure so if you can do this you will improve your rowing performances.