Starter Training Programs

If you are new to exercise & fitness, we recommend you start with the following 14 exercises. Click on any one of them to be taken to a page with more details and where you can download a pdf for the training session. They have been arranged so that they are done in a set order, but the choice is up to you.

If you are new to exercise, we would recommend that you begin with the 1st one before going on to the others. The first one is an outdoor program that helps you reach a level of fitness that will prepare you for the rest.

This 1st training program has 8 exercises, each with 4 variations. We suggest that, until you can at least do 1 repetition on all the exercises, you should not move on to do the other Starter Training programs. If you do move on to them before you can do all the variations in full on all 8 exercises, we would suggest you keep returning to this 1st Starter Program on days that you are not doing the other ones. Combining the programs this way, will help improve you fitness considerably.

It is vital you read the notes on Starter Program 1 beforehand as they are designed to help you progress safely.

Starter Program 1
Starter Program 2
Starter program 3
Starter Program 4
Starter Program 5
Starter Program 6 Starter Program 7 Starter Program 8
Starter Program 9
Starter Program 10
Starter Program 11 Starter Program 12 Starter Program 13 Starter Program 14  

To do these programs, you will need to select one of the Octathalon courses as the directions in these programs will refer to using the weights, distances and repetitions in these courses. To select a course that is appropriate for you, have a look under the courses menu. If you are new to fitness, you should start on the Short Course. If you are over 60, we recommend you consider the Senior Course and if you are under 19 then start on one of the Junior courses (The yellow grade Junior course is for the younger Juniors.)