Transition Training information

Why these and why this way?

1.    Many people do not know what to in the gym.
2.    Many people cannot get to the gym every day and want something to do in their homes with only a small amount of equipment.
3.    Many people like the technical challenge that these videos give them
4.    Transition training is the secret.

What do you mean by Transition training?

Doing one exercise immediately after another, requires your body to shift more blood from one set of muscles to another. Forcing your body to do this many times in many different ways is tough to begin with because your body is not used to doing it. By training your body to do these transitions from one exercise to another, you bring on fitness extremely fast. In other words, it’s not just about the exercise, it’s about the transition to the next. The faster you do the transition, the fitter you get. These videos give you many ways to train these transitions and this is good for Octathalon training. One of the discoveries that was made was that if you trained to move really quickly (less than 2 secs if possible) between each of the Octathalon exercises, you improved your Octathalon times. This is one of the reasons it makes then such a great measure of fitness. People who did this were found to boost their recovery rates higher than others and this was why these people started doing faster and faster times.

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