Weight Loss


If you want to lose some weight & get in shape

The Octathalon can help you, but exercise alone is not enough.

Some people will tell you that all you have to do is take less 'energy in' (food & drink) and to exercise more so there is more 'energy out'.

Unfortunately that is not enough in these modern times. What 'energy' you take 'in' (food & drink) has become far more critical. What exercise you do has also become relevant as well because much of what can and does go on in gyms, with individuals working out on their own, is pretty useless as well. However, if you follow the Octathalon training programs or join an Octathalon Group Training session, it will put you on the right track, but as to what energy you should take in please read on.

The right 'Energy in'

Modern manufacturing and food processing has come about to fulfill the demand of a growing population. Sadly some of what is produced is now harmful to your health in ways that were just not known about originally and are just being discovered about now. This is being found out about as scientists are looking into just what is causing so much ill health.

So the big question is 'What to do?'

What is safe and good to eat and drink?

This website will tell you what works fast, what does not work, how you can lose weight quickly & safely and, if you follow our tips, how the weight will stay off for ever. You should follow these tips at the same time as starting on the Octathalon Training Programs. These tips, along with over 60 training programs (that are specially designed to work for each person individually) will take you on a 6-9 month journey to much improved health and will lead to you obtaining a great shape.

The website will tell you what foods to avoid for ever, what are good for you and how to spot which food and drink to avoid that cause the hunger pangs which are really triggered by the brain under false pretences when you really do not actually need food at the time at all. The overeating that results from these false signals is a major problem in today's world and is now thought by many to be the major cause of obesity and it is just because you eat and drink certain things which are actually easily replaceable with other foods and drinks.

We have pulled together all the secrets that have been learned over many years of experience in all forms of exercise from a variety of sports. We have also learned more secrets ourselves from specific Octathalon training & from Group Personal training.

We have looked at the World of Natural and Alternative Nutrition & Medicine and have studied information on the latest & most effective supplements and we are now in a position to offer you the very best tips and advice to help you lose weight and gain shape.  (Some of the Articles on this website will tell you more about these things)

However, something that is given away free, is valued very little and we find people rarely go on to take the necessary action when they have not paid for it.

Much of the information may be available if you choose to look for it yourself, but the trick is knowing where to find it, what is right and applicable to you and what works and what does not work and then knowing what to do about it.

Our Training programs and Top Tips are therefore only available to members of this website. We have asked for only a small cost for this and feel that they are well worth it. The money helps us to go on and develop this new sport and that, we also think, makes it a worthy cause for people to think that there money is going toward something that will help others.

But membership to this site offers so much more, not just something that will help you get into shape and to feel great. For that reason we invite you to join.

To start you off, we give you the first 8 tips for free. After that, its up to you to become a member. It really will offer you great value for money for only £18

The 1st 8 Top Tips to start off on your journey
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8. Taking the first step
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