What to do in the gym information

6. Not sure what training to do in the gym?

Just download one of the many different Octathalon video training sequences to your ipod. They are over 70 graded transition training sequences using a variety of gym equipment many of which you could buy cheaply and do in your own home. All you have to then do is copy the sequences. They are tricky but rewarding when you manage them and the black grade ones are definitely tougher. The sequences last only a couple of minutes and each exercise in the sequence is shown with 4 repetitions in an non stop, unedited way by an Octathalon champion that gives you confidence that they can be done.

7. Have fun going up the Octathalon Grades

If it’s your thing, you can also go up the Octathalon grades. Grades are all about your own performance and improving that. It is not about who is the fastest or the best – that can be found on the Power of 8. The challenge to go up the grades will all revolve around how much fitter you can get and in sustaining that level of fitness over time. Every time you go up a grade you will find more transition training videos to watch and imitate and you will find more articles to read and challenges to try.

8. Articles & Challenges

Going up the grades will allow you to find more articles and challenges on that higher grade level. The articles are on training tips, health and nutrition tips and on mind & body techniques & tips. Included in these are even alternative articles that are hugely controversial and yet have also produced some amazing results for some people. It’s a war out there when it comes to food and you need to know what to avoid like the plague in order to stay fit and healthy. The mind body techniques will astound you and it still surprises us today that so many people are unaware of them especially when they can be so helpful at improving your performance. The black grade transition training videos are tough both physically, technically and mentally and you will enjoy trying to copy these ones. The Black grade challenge will stagger you. All challenges for all grades can be seen fully done on a video on this site. This Black grade challenge is such a hard exercise and can probably only be done by less than 10 people in the World and in the video we show it being done with 6 reps! We doubt also that there are many people that can do just one rep and we are not talking about using any weights.

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