Information on how you can earn more with the Octathalon

The potential to earn even more.

It does not stop there though. If those people in your group start their own online group and bring in members, you still earn a percentage of that person’s annual membership fee directly into your Paypal account. This earning can go on and on to a maximum of 5 levels down where annual earnings can begin to get into the thousands of pounds each month.

Remember this is not just for personal trainers, it is for anyone who wants to start a group and a group can represent your gym members, your office staff or your football club or just your own group that anyone anywhere in the world can join. If you want to even organise Octathalon events yourself you can do this as well, but only if you are an Octathalon trainer or if you hire one.

You might know someone who is into fitness in a foreign country and they might join your group and they might well go on to create a huge group themselves from within that country. In these cases you would also stand to benefit financially from that in a large way with contributions automatically being fed into your Paypal account.

What is of immediate attraction, before phase 2 of the website starts, is that any member who joins before phase 2 automatically can become a Front line Motivator with one of the initial founding groups. Anyone joining after phase 2 would only be able to join down line of one of these initial founding groups.

This means that future members you might not even know could choose you, just because they like your profile and what you stand for.

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