How to Start

How do I start my own online fitness group with the Octathalon and become a motivator?

You need to first take out Yellow grade membership from the on line shop. You will also need to have a Paypal account (If you do not have on just follow the links on the page to help you set one up). All you then have to do is register online and give us your paypal email address. Your name will then be entered into the database as a motivator and future members can now join your group and you will automatically receive funds into your Paypal account for each member that joins your group.

By taking out this yellow grade membership your name gets you put on a selection list where new members can pick your name and join your group. Members do this when they too move from a white grade membership to a yellow grade membership. When they do this they will be asked to select the name of the Online Motivator/Group that they want to join and a proportion of the renewal fee will be sent to that persons Paypal account. All you need to do is to get them to join your group.

As an online motivator you can send group messages to everyone in your group and to everyone else downline of you in groups that have been set up underneath your group.

You can market yourself via your own profile page and begin to network with others to get them to join you. Remember that all the basic grade white members to the site will not have registered with any groups so you could aim to get them to join your group. One way to do this might be to organise Octathalon events to begin to attract people to your group. You can do this, however if you are not an Octathalon trainer you will need to pay one to run the event for you.