What is a Motivator

What is an Octathalon Online Motivator?

An Octathalon motivator is someone who motivates others to do more exercise and to improve their level of fitness. Motivators can come from any sport, not just the Octathalon, they can represent any group in the community, like a team of office workers or a school classroom, in fact Motivators can create their own group, with their own identity, with anyone they want to bring together from all around the World. What unites everyone together is that all the group members also want run through the Octathalon courses to help them improve their levels of fitness.

Motivators will lead from example with their own activity levels and their own improving fitness. Depending on how much, or how focused you are in what you do, some motivators may want to even go on to organise Regional and National Octathalon events for those people in their groups.

Motivators will look to encourage their members to improve their levels of fitness and will look to see that they can run through some of the Octathalon courses as and when possible. They can even put on events themselves or they can promote someone else’s Octathalon event. They will encourage their own members to build their own online groups and to help get them to also lead by example to grow their groups.

Motivators will be able to offer prizes to those in their groups for winners of their own online competitions – like improved performance of the month or whatever they want. They also will be able to send individual and group motivational messages to those people who are in their online fitness group.

National and  International Motivators will qualify for financial marketing support to help them organise events and to offer good prizes & incentives to attract the top Octathaletes.

Motivators will be the people who grade others who are directly in their own group and they can grade people up to their own grade level by following the membership grading system. Learn more about membership grading…….
As the sport grows, the more successful Motivators will be the ones who benefit financially as they will be the ones organising the main events in their countries and they will be the people who decides who competes for their country.