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  1. Introduction
  2. What’s new on the Octathalon website
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Hi & welcome to the 1st Octathalon newsletter. We will look to send you these from time to time when we feel we have something that is worth you looking at and reading.


It has been a long journey, with many preparations we have had to make on this site & elsewhere, but finally we are ready to start developing a new sport for gyms and health clubs. It has taken us this long because we recognised that if this was to work then all parties within the Fitness industry must have a way in which they can benefit financially from working with the Octathalon.


So now, if you would like to do the Octathalon in your gym - but it is perhaps not happening there yet, all you need to do is to point one of the Personal Trainers at your club, or your Club Manager, towards the Octathalon website where they will be able to see the value and the benefits for themselves and then want to get started on the Octathalon program.


What’s new on the Octathalon website

All sports have membership of some sorts and for many good reasons. It helps put up all the necessary infrastructure so that everyone benefits. However we wanted to make the small amount of annual membership fee (£15+VAT) really good value for money, which is why we have spent time putting up some excellent features in the members area on this website. As time goes on we will add more and more.


Firstly we would like to point you in the direction of the 25 carefully designed training programs. These will give you 2-3 months of balanced, periodised, workouts that will help you improve, not only your all round fitness, but also your Octathalon performances. They have been prepared so that people of all levels of fitness can do them and so that everyone can be appropriately challenged by them. Each one comes with a one A4 sheet sized PDF download with photos on that you can print off and use in the gym or just view on your own personal player. If you enjoyed the 5 Free Taster Sessions from this site, these are enhanced versions so you will like these even more. 


In addition to that, members to the site also now have access to over 50 short transition training videos. These vary from just over 1min long to 5 mins long. Each contains an exercise routine and the great majority of them can be done at home with minimal equipment. They are all graded from the easier White Grade through to Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue & the harder Purple grade. All can be downloaded onto a personal video player like an ipod so you can take them with you wherever you go. There is no talking, all you have to do is just copy the sequence. 



You Tube Octathalon Channel

Click here to go to the Octathalon You Tube channel to watch one of the Black grade transition training videos (No. 72) – Are you tough enough for this routine? On the channel you will find 30 short videos and 15 of them are great training routines you can try out for yourself. Watch out though for the reallytesting handstand shoulder press routine– you might want to work up to that one.


Listed Octathalon events

We have our first UK Regional event now listed up on the website. Ric Fenton from Fenton Fitness up in Lancashire is holding it at his club in Catteral, Preston PR30RF. The dates are Sat 4th June and Sun 5th June 2011. The maximum number of entries is 100 so you will need to book a time and a day to do your run through. The Octathalon courses that will be open for you to run are the following :- Cup, Club, Short, Senior, Junior Green, Junior Blue and Junior Black and 3 pairs courses - Cup pairs, Short course pairs and the Senior course pairs. Entry is £10 for Octathalon members and £25 for non membersbut that cost includes one years membership to the Octathalon website. To book your time call 01995 640077 and ask for Ric. For more details on the Fenton Fitness gyms go to


Future events

We are planning a UK National event later this year but are still waiting for confirmation from the venue as to available space. Our aim is to have it either late September or October. Please bear with us on this. To get into this event, we have to give preference to Octathalon members who have verified times, then to those who have only unverified times and then to non members. Remember that any Personal Trainer who signs up as an Octathalon Trainer can verify your time and with the special deal on for new Octathalon Trainers the decision to sign up should be a no brainer.


Future site developments

For those of you who have kept abreast of developments on our site over the last few weeks you will have noticed a few changes. These are to simplify things so new members can more easily find out about the Octathalon. Specifically we have removed the section on Motivators. The Motivator Group system as well as the Membership grading system will still be introduced in the near future as this will provide everyone with an extra incentive & motivation in their training and in growing the Octathalon in their area. More details on our progress will appear in future newsletters.


Join now

If you would like to join up as an Octathalon member now – Click on this link


If you have received this, it is because you are either a member, or you have expressed an interest in the Octathalon and given us your email address in the past. If you do not want to receive any more newsletters, please email us on stating such and we will remove you from our email database.