3rd April 2014
The Octathalon youtube channel is going from strength to strength. Have a look at the latest TRX video here

31st March 2014

Have a look at our Articles pages. There are some excellent tips as well as some highly topical information on how to get fitter and healthier.

1st July 2013

Due to the increased levels of traffic to the site we are now able to offer free membership to everyone. Just click here and sign up and register for free and you can start accessing more infomation on this site. You get your own profile page where you can start entering and comparing your Octathalon times and splits with others.

If you want to go up the grades, just find an Octathalon Trainer to grade you.

5th May 2013

Preparations are underway for an event that will run over the Rock Octathalon course and the Sprint Octathalon course. To enter you will have needed to post times on your profile page. Best of luck with this - these courses are hard to do fast.

19th January 2013

Check out the event news page for the latest on the Mark Warner Octathalon event for more prizes for competitors

5th January 2013

We are very pleased to announce that Optimum Nutrition will be providing a fantastic prize worth around £250 for the runner up in the next Octathalon event which is being held at the Centre of Sport at the University of Bristol (Frenchay campus) on 8th February 2013. 

It is the Club course that we are racing over this time - If you have any questions please just get in touch with me or contact one of the gym staff. 

The first 2013 Octathalon will be held at UWE in Bristol at the Frenchay campus (their centre for sport) on Friday the 8th February.

Time to turn up the speed on the treadmill.


Sept 2012

Plans are now in place to run an Octathalon event at the centre for sport at UWE in February 2013. More details to follow.   


Mark Warner Holidays sponsor Octathalon events

3rd April 2012

Electronic reading devices are becoming ever more popular which is why we have now released an eBook full of 30 excellent Octathalon Training sessions. For just £2.95 it represents great value. Click here for more details on the ebook.......

3rd March 2012

The Octathalon Lane is now up and running in the Next Generation Gym in Swindon. For those of you who do not know, this is the flagship gym in the Next Generation/ David Lloyd empire.

A great step forward for the Octathalon.

The club is a non members gym so if anyone wants to go along and try out any one of the 15 courses, they can do so..... Don't forget the competition on the 28th April - Open to all members of this site.

29th January 2012

Two more competitions have just been arranged for those people doing the Interforces event at RAF Lyneham. There will be a chance on the day for all competitors to try out the new K series Powerbreathers. Their excellent digital readout means that everyone can have a chance to record the strongest lung power on the day. The winner will win one of their latest models.
In addition to that, there will be a press up competition on the new X-Press Press up machine and there will even be a chance to become a World record holder for the one minute press up Challenge.

For more details have a look at the events page 

8th January 2011

Open National Octathalon competition on 28th April 2012

An open Octathalon is being held at the Next Generation Gym in Swindon on Saturday 28th April.

Entry to the event is free to all Octathalon members - £18 for a year. All that is required then is a £5 entrance fee into the Next Generation club – payable on the day. For that you get free parking, access to the gym, swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna. Families are very welcome and the club has excellent children’s facilities. Food and drink is served till late and there will be a party after the event. There is a Premier inn only yards away if you want to stay over.

The event is open to everyone. The courses being run are the Short course, the Club course, the Cup course and the Ultra-Club course.

There will also be relay races held on the Cup course with 4 people each doing one of the Octathalon Duo’s.

All you have to do to enter is to be a member of this site and email us which course you would like to compete over.

If you want to be seeded and to race against the best, all you will have to do is to put in a 2012 time on your profile page.

Cut off for entries is the 14th April, so email us as soon as you can which race you want to enter. We are running 4 lanes so we can get lots of people racing, but there will be a limit to the numbers. The event is being advertised throughout the industry so you will need to be quick.

Just email us as at if you have any questions and/ or tell us the course you would like to do.

There is plenty to help you periodise your training for this event with the many training programs available to the members of this site. If you want a good lead in to your race, you should sign up soon and get working on them.

Details on prizes for teams, relays and individuals etc will be out shortly.

Member Black Grade incentive

We are also starting a new incentive for members. The first 10 members who reach the black grade Octathalon level will each receive a free black Octathalon Sweat shirt. Grading is free each time, it just takes individual improvement to get there. 

Octathalon Trainer share incentive

We are also offering a prize for the first 5 Octathalon trainers who get 50 members as trainees and 50 members in their teams. The winning 5 trainers will each receive 40 shares in Octathalon Ltd. The value of these shares is likely to rocket over the next 2-3 years which makes it a potentially financially huge prize. Everyone wants to be in at the beginning with a slice of the action in the next big thing - which is exactly what the Octathalon is going to be with what has now been planned. This incentive closes at the end of 2012.

UK Forces Octathalon Event on 31st March 2012

Part of those plans involve a new UK forces Octathalon competition. This will be an Annual event for members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Police Force, Fire Brigade and Prison Service. This event is being sponsored by Leisurelines and there are several other prizes sponsors. Watt Bikes will be used.

Our first event will be held at RAF Lyneham in Wiltshire on the 31st of March this year. Full details on this will be released shortly to all the forces, but if you want to get into one of the two teams of 5 people that each force can enter, you will need to email us as quickly as you can.

A members newsletter will be out shortly with more details on these competitions

6th November 2011

So why is the Octathalon course so superior to all the other courses that are now springing up?

Well to find out - read this article.


Competition news is on its way with an exciting new team event being planned for the end of March 2012.


8th October 2011

This is a quick message to let interested readers know of an excellent new book that has just come out - The Kettlebell Genesis. It is by the esteemed Rob Beauchamp & Stan Pike and is a great addition to their series. Have a look at to find out more. Definitely a buy for any Kettlebell enthusiast as this is the 'Real deal' in the Fitness World.

4th October 2011

For those of you who saw us on Dragon's Den last night, thanks for visiting the site. The edited 2-3 minutes we got showed that around 85 minutes of filming was considerably cut. What you unfortunately were not able to see was just how much we can offer the fitness industry. We just failed to get the full amount of money we were asking for as Duncan B. seemed to be happy with the way things were in the Fitness World and really did not want to see any changes.

However we are here to stay and there will be some great changes as we are offering everyone involved something they can value. Personal Trainers, Gym Instructors, Training Providers, even Gyms & the individual gym goer will benefit financially from working with the Octathalon. We already know that members enjoy the group training sessions and they like the motivation that events can give them.

Anyway, please take a look around our site and make your own mind up.

Next on our agenda is a big team event !!  So if you want to start building a winning team by getting the best to join, you could do well by starting now!

Teams and their members do have to be registered on the site though.

All the best to you


3rd October 2011

The first of several regular articles has now been written for this website and this one is for non-members as well as members. 
It appears there is good scientific evidence that the sort of training you do for the Octathalon is exactly what is good for you. 
If you want to read all the articles, you will have to go up the Octathalon grades. Click here to see how to grade

16th September 2011
The first part of the next stage has now been added to the website. The following sections have been added for your benefit:-

- Now your trainer can grade you up the levels - this will give you access to more pages, more training programs and more tips and advice on this site - click here for more details

If you are an Octathalon Trainer - click here to see how you can grade your customers

Teams -
The first side to the teams section has been put up. Everyone can now join a team and, if they want to start their own team in preparation for the leagues that will come and the payment system which will generate income for you - click here for the details

Weight loss -
We have also added a new section with helpful tips on how to lose weight.
If you link this advice to the new starter training programs and the regular training programs, you will be able to go on a 6-9 month journey to reach an improved shape for your body type - click here to start following the tips

Flow charts -
Having had some great feedback from trainer Chris Jones from Nottingham we have created some flowcharts that will help you when you are first looking at the Octathalon and what it has to offer. If you are not sure what Octathalon course you should start with try looking at this chart - Click here

We have also put together a flow chart for trainers to help them see the benefits that the Octathalon can bring them if they chose to extend their license with us - Click here to look at the license extension flow chart

23rd July 2011

We've now added 14 Starter Training Programs and 22 High Performance Training programs on the site for the members. The Starter Training Programs offer a great way for people who are unfit to start their journey toward improved health and fitness and for the 1st exercise session you don't even need to join a gym! 

The High performance programs are for those of you who have progressed to becoming a Blue Grade member only. They offer some of the latest techniques that top athletes use to improve their performances and we guarantee that if you complete all 22 of these, you will considerably improve your Octathalon times.

But don't worry if you're not a blue grade member yet, the grading section will begin in August. It costs nothing to grade and your Octathalon trainer will be able to grade you on line. 
If you do not yet have an Octathalon trainer, just email us at and we will grade you for free after checking your own profile submitted times.

29th June 2011

Congratulations to Ric Fenton from Fenton Fitness for running a well attended Northern National Event and for winning with the fastest time. With the new Watt bikes, the Octathalon courses were a supreme test of a persons fitness. The number of personal bests on the day was more than 50% of the competitors which can only mean one thing  - Ric and his crew know what to do to get you fitter.

Congratulations also to Trevor Howard for completing all 4 qualifying courses for the Oceania's Fittest Man title. We know he has many other people over there itching to beat his times for next year.

If you know a Personal Trainer who might like to become an Octathalon Trainer, we have a very special offer on at the moment as well as a short window of opportunity to reserve your own home town or city and to own Octathalon rights for that area. 
Get in quick by registering as a trainer now. Email us the name of the area you want to reserve. We will then send you a package worth £400!! This offer is limited in numbers and time.

28th May 2011

A New World Record has just been set for Press ups/ Push ups in 1 min. Jacqui Macquisten has just set a new record using the new X-Press press up machine. Click in the the link here to see the short You Tube video.

The new X-Press machine will be on view for all to see and try at the Northern Regional Octathalon Championships at Fenton Fitness next week end. If anyone fancies their chances at beating any of the current World Records, they are welcome to have a go and we will video them and submit them for assessment. The X-Press is a great piece of kit and extremely versatile with over 30 different upper body exercises possible - including dips. We hope to have the X-press on sale in our shop very soon.

4th May 2011

The UK Northern Regional Octathalon Championships will be held on the 4th & 5th June at the Fenton Fitness gym up near Preston in Lancashire. Entry is £10 for Octathalon members and £25 for non members but that price will include a years membership to this site. To book your time and day contact Ric Fenton on 01995 640077

Times are from 9.00am to 5.00pm on both days.

The courses that will be run are: - Cup, Club, Short, Senior, Junior Green, Junior Blue and Junior Black course and 3 Pairs courses - the Senior Pairs, the Cup Pairs and the Short course Pairs.

Entries are limited to 100 so don't delay getting your entry in.

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