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More and more personal trainers we know were doing longer and longer hours and they were left drained by it all by the end of the day. Increasing numbers of them were also being asked for more and more money just to be able to work in the premises.

Now though more of them are running Group Octathalon training sessions and at the end of the day they are running through an Octathalon course themselves just for the fun of it. In addition to that they are all earning far more than they used to.

Why & How …you may well ask.

Having 12 or more people in a group, where people work in pairs and the trainer walks around as a facilitator, is actually much easier than 1:1 personal training. It gives you a higher hourly rate and it taps into a bigger market as more people can afford your services. People really like working together and they like encouraging each other especially if it is towards a common, and easily measurable, goal like an Octathalon event. The fun atmosphere is enjoyed by the Octathalon trainers and that goes on to invigorate them in their work. We really do find our trainers going on to do their training at the end of a long day.

In addition to that, our Octathalon trainers have found that some people who are doing these sessions go on to ask them to do some 1:1 work with them as well.

Why not have a look at the trainer section on this website. Joining is easy and is a one off cost of £25 for which you get a full license and a guidebook to help you start. Go on to form your own online group and you can earn even more. We have lots of free marketing support on this site to help you get started.

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Team Manager Benefits

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  • What is an Octathalon Team Manager?

    • An Octathalon Team Manager is someone who is motivated enough to want to run their own team and who wants to help motivate others to compete in their team in the Local leagues and to perhaps move their team up into Regional & National League competition. Team Managers can come from any sport, not just the Octathalon, they can represent any group in the community, like a team of office workers or a school or even a section from the armed forces. Team Managers can create their own team, with their own identity, with anyone they want to bring together from all around the World. What unites everyone together is that all the team members will want to occasionally run through one or more of the Octathalon courses to help them improve their levels of fitness. Some team managers will also be motivated to want to help their team members to develop and grow their own teams as that too can bring benefits. One of the benefits of being a Team Manager is being able to sell your team to someone else. Learn more about the benefits of being a Team Manager.…..
  • Can anyone become a Team Manager?

    • YES. But to go up the Team Manager levels you have to also go up the membership grades which means making a commitment to improving your own fitness by running through the Octathalon courses yourself.
  • Make my Octathalon membership free

  • Slightly increase my income

    • By increasing the numbers in your own team you can go up the Team Manager levels. You do this by helping those members in your team to build their own teams and then helping these people to grow their teams. This way you can generate a helpful extra amount of income each year that will help you grow the sport as well as increase your net income. Learn more about Team Manager progression….
  • Earn me substantially more money

    • Get more than 80 members directly in your team, help get them build their own teams and help those people grow their numbers and you will be soon earning a substantial income each year that could easily top your normal income.   Learn more…..

  • How can I run the Octathalon in my own country?

  • How do I start my own Team with the Octathalon and become a Team Manager?

    • You need to first take out membership. You then need to join an existing team. This can happen when an existing team manager sends you an invite to join their team. To begin with if you do not know anyone locally to join who you can discuss this with you can send us an email and we will notify the nearest team manager (unless you express a preference for a particular team manager). They will then send you an email inviting you to join with instruction on the email. After you have joined a team you can tick a box under your own profile that expresses your wish to become a Team Manager. You are then able to send out invites yourself to members who you would like to have in your team.
  • How does a Team Manager differ from an Octathalon Trainer?

    • Anyone can be Team Manager. We would expect that all Personal trainers & Level 2 Gym Instructors who become Octathalon trainers would also want to be Team Managers. However anyone can start a team and get others to join. Both Team Managers and Trainers can organise and hold Octathalon events, however a Team Manager needs the presence of an appropriate level Octathalon trainer to run the event according to the requirements of Octathalon Ltd. 
  • Why should I join a team, and start a team, before the League Payment system has started and not later?

    • To start it all off you have to join someone elses team. Only then, if you want to become a team manager, does your name get put on a selection list. In the beginning as there will not be many Team Managers it will be easier to build your teams. This means it will be easier for you to grow your team to a large size and to get up to the levels where there are some excellent benefits. No one can change teams at this early stage (They will when teams can be bought and sold) so it will also give you a chance to grow your team and to build it up. When there are enough teams to form leagues the Payment system will be activated and at that point members have an opportunity to activate their accounts and make their league entry payment. The more team members you have, the more income you will start to get to help you with the running of the team and the league (If you are running a league as well).  


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INTERVAL TRAINING                     

Are you racing the clock?  No time for long training sessions?

At the same time would you like to increase your sporting performances?

If that is so, then this type of training IS the answer for you!

Interval training is an effective training mechanism that targets improving specific energy systems - the Anaerobic (Lactate system) and the Aerobic Energy system.

When training your energy systems, it is done best when you have a controlled environment. Work with a stationary bike, or a rower or a treadmill and it is easier to get a more precise training session than when working outdoors.


Athletes know that if they get they get their interval training wrong they will lose performance but if they get it right there are huge gains to be had.


There are lots of variables to get right. What to do and when? How many intervals should you do? What intensity should they all be? What rest periods, what exertion levels and what variations should be planned in as part of the same session?


Get these things wrong and you can easily be under training or over training and that will mean that all your work will just be a waste of time.


For many of us nowadays who lead busy lives, and who are time poor - this type of training could be the answer.


It is a proven, time efficient workout that gets results FAST and can be performed in just 30 minutes!

As you become fitter you can increase the intensity of the workout rather than the volume and it won't be long before you will see your times getting faster and you will start to look leaner too.


If you need some ideas with your interval training then there are plenty of these types of workouts in our members area. Some of us like to have something to just follow and do.  We don't always have the time to plan our own training sessions and maybe we cannot afford a personal trainer so, if that is you, then sign up and give them a go.


It's just £18 for the year - Click here


And if you have any questions regarding the workouts or you want to let us know how you got on then please contact us as we would love to know your thoughts and results. Click here to go to the Training program page


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5th May 2013

Preparations are underway for an event that will run over the Octathalon Sprint Course & the Rock Octathalon Course. For those interested in competing you will need to have done some times for these course and entered them in your profile page.

Best of luck with this - they are hard to do fast.


We have over 80 videos on this website for members and several of them are viewable to non members as well.

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