Team Manager information

What is an Octathalon Team Manager?

Anyone can become an Octathalon Team Manager. A Team Manager puts together there own team of members who will compete in a team at events and within a local Octathalon league. There is a chance they can take that team into a Regional and National League. Team Managers also encourage people in their own team to start and develop teams of their own. Individuals can then compete in their own team or the one they have joined.

Team Managers can come from any sport, not just the Octathalon, they can represent any group in the community, like a team of office workers or a school classroom. They can create their own team with their own identity and they can invite anyone from all around the World to join their team. What unites everyone together is that all the team members like to run through the Octathalon courses to help them improve their levels of fitness.

Team Managers will have to lead from example with their own activity levels and their own improving fitness. Depending on how much, or how focused you are in what you do, some team members may want to grow another stream of income from the Octathalon. This can be done after you have joined someone elses team. At that point you can start your own team and when the league payment system is activated Team Managers will get a share of that income. Click here to see details on the league payment system

Team Managers can even put on events themselves or they can promote someone else’s Octathalon event. All they need to do this is to employ an appropriately licensed Octathalon Trainer to run the event and to arrange the judging and the timing.

Team Managers will encourage their own members to build their own teams and to help get them to also lead by example to grow those teams.

Team Managers Progression Chart - click here for a pdf of the chart below

The above chart shows the possible progression a Team Manager can make, should they want to, in order to increase their earnings and to realise the potential the Octathalon can give them.