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More and more personal trainers we know were doing longer and longer hours and they were left drained by it all by the end of the day. Increasing numbers of them were also being asked for more and more money just to be able to work in the premises.

Now though more of them are running Group Octathalon training sessions and at the end of the day they are running through an Octathalon course themselves just for the fun of it. In addition to that they are all earning far more than they used to.

Why & How …you may well ask.

Having 12 or more people in a group, where people work in pairs and the trainer walks around as a facilitator, is actually much easier than 1:1 personal training. It gives you a higher hourly rate and it taps into a bigger market as more people can afford your services. People really like working together and they like encouraging each other especially if it is towards a common, and easily measurable, goal like an Octathalon event. The fun atmosphere is enjoyed by the Octathalon trainers and that goes on to invigorate them in their work. We really do find our trainers going on to do their training at the end of a long day.

In addition to that, our Octathalon trainers have found that some people who are doing these sessions go on to ask them to do some 1:1 work with them as well.

Why not have a look at the trainer section on this website. Joining is easy and is a one off cost of £25 for which you get a full license and a guidebook to help you start. Go on to form your own online group and you can earn even more. We have lots of free marketing support on this site to help you get started.

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People are all different. Some have bodies that are better suited to long distance 10km + runs, and others short distance.   The 15 Octathalon courses were developed so that all body types could be covered and so that one in particular will be right for you.  

Find out which Octathalon course is best for you and you are likely to get better than normal results. This site is designed to help motivate you to get those best results.

Have a look at the courses. You will soon find one that is a good one for you to start with. This may be the best one for you, however it is quite possible that, as your fitness levels improve, you will find another course that is even more appropriate. This site offers some excellent membership benefits - click here to see some more


Research is showing that short, intense workouts, typically like interval training and high repetition weight training, gets you better results than longer non stop endurance workouts. A person burns calories for up to 2 hours after a short sharp interval workout as opposed to an endurance session where calories stop being burnt up when the session stops.

Fat is your body’s preferred source of fuel for long, low intensity endurance type workouts, whereas glycogen is the preferred source of fuel for short sharp interval sessions.

With short sharp intense workouts your body gets efficient at converting carbohydrates into  glucose and glycogen which in turn prepares it for future short intense sessions like lifting weights or sprinting. In addition to that your heart and lungs get bigger and stronger after short intense workouts.

With low intensity endurance workouts your body becomes efficient at converting carbohydrates to body fat which in turn prepares it for future long distance sessions. In summary, research now says that if you do short, sharp cardiovascular interval work with high repetition weights sessions, you will burn more calories, reduce fat storage and get bigger and stronger lungs. Continue to do this and you will get fitter  faster . 

The Octathalon group training sessions have been designed to take advantage of all these things and to get you quicker and better results which will give you more time for living. Have a look at the other benefits of being a member

Everyone knows that training with a goal in mind brings better results, which is why many people set out to train for goals like running a marathon. There are many goals that can be found in the fitness world but the difficulty is to find one that suitable for you and your body type.

Not everyone has a body suited for long & lengthy endurance work so the Octathalon has set out to provide a set of goals for those people who do not have the time, or the body, suited to the longer distance workouts.

The Club and Cup courses can take around 15mins to do after a bit of training and these are two of the more common courses that are run at Octathalon events. What many people are beginning to also enjoy are the pairs events where each person chooses to do just four of the exercises. How you divide up which of the four each of you do is totally up to you, it is just still raced in the same exercise order. Clubs can run events against other local clubs and your Octathalon trainer can & will arrange these. Members find it is a great way to meet other likeminded people in your area & personal trainers find it a great way to advertise their work as local papers will nearly always publish the results.

The Ultra-Octathalon pairs event is for mixed pairs only and this gives people a chance to race with their partner against another couple.

What members have quickly discovered about how rewarding the Octathalon can be is that it complements other sports very well and with the increased fitness levels Octathalon racing can bring, people find they begin to excel more in those other sports.

The 8 exercises may seem easy to do at first glance, but after your first run through of an Octathalon course you will quickly see how challenging it really is. It is all about knowing your right pace for your current level of fitness and as that changes all the time, getting the pace right on race day is the key. This leads to tension filled races where you never quite know who is going to win and who has prepared better. This means that better preparation can often mean being able to beat the better natural athlete.

Have a look at the times others in your age category have done on the Power of 8 ranking list

The Power of 8 is a ranking database. It holds everyones times for the Octathalon courses. 

Just click on one selection from each of the 8 categories and the World Rankings for your selection automatically appear.

There are 15 Octathalon courses each with the same exercises done in the same order but with different distances, weights and repetitions. Have a look at the courses menu to see which might be the best one for you to start off on.

The Duos and the Quatros are just smaller segments of the Octathalon course and they offer a great way to start training to go on to do a full course.

If you have any questions look at the FAQ under the Contact menu.

The Octathalon was designed to appeal to people across a wide age range. If you like competition you will be able to compete at all ages against those from your same age category, if you just want to enjoy your training more and get more out of that, the Octathalon can and will help you in many other ways as well.

Juniors up to the age of 18 have graded Octathalon courses from the Yellow grade up to the Black grade. As they get better at one grade, their trainer can grade them up to the next grade course.

Seniors have their own Octathalon course which will let them still be able to compete and work out with the Octathalon into their 80’s and beyond.

The Octathalon offers much more:-

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1. Group Octathalon training sessions

2. Local, Regional & National events – Pairs and Team Racing

3. Group competitions

4. Lose Weight & Gain Shape with no need to spend hours in the gym

5. Sustained motivation with the measurable results Octathalon gives you

6. Not sure what training to do in the gym?

7. Have fun going up the Octathalon Grades

8. Articles & Challenges

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As a member you can select from over 70 short training videos (over 5 hours of different exercises & exercise sequences) we have produced so that they can then be download them on to your ipod, iphone or other compatible video player. They are all graded with the same Octathalon grades where the black grade videos are the hardest both physically, mentally and technically.

These are not just exercises, they aresequences of exercises and they are all done by Jacqui Macquisten – a 4 times National Octathalon champion. They are non stop sequencesso you can see they have been fully done. This makes them true videos which do not come edited and done by actors or non athletes so it gives you the faith in them that they can be all actually be done. There is no annoying talking on the videos either - just action for you to copy so you do not need to have any sound on when it is playing.

The aim is to complete the whole sequence of exercises which is always shown at the end of each short video. Before that end sequence though is the build up to it and this build up helps you learn the sequence. However that ‘build up’ in some cases is designed to be tricky and to catch you out so watch carefully as the sequence unfolds.

In every case only 4 reps of each exercise are done and moderate weights are used in some cases. If you do not think these are tough enough or that they are too tough, you can add or reduce the reps and weights. This way you can find your favourites and do them again and again whilst improving all the time.

Click here for more information on Transition Training

The Octathalon has been designed to benefit everyone, not just physically but financially as well if you want that option.

It is possible for any member to start their own on line group and become a Motivator and to start earning money.

As a motivator, the more new members you get to join your on line group, the more money you can make. This can be for your club, yourselves &/or your family or even for your charity.

All you need to do is to start getting friends, or people you know  to join your group, and you start getting immediate funds. Any sport, any organisation, any business, any group, anyone can join and start getting fitter & healthier with the Octathalon. When these people start their own groups you will still earn money. Find out how .........Click here.


Team Manager progression levels

  • Team Manager payment progression details

    • Everyone starts as a Team Manager, but as your team grows so can your income once the league payment system is activated. To achieve this you need to do just 2 things. Firstly you need to get more members to join your team. Secondly you will also need to increase your Octathalon membership grade just like the rest of the members.
      Once you have reached certain numbers of members in your own team you will reach the next payment level. Once at that level you cannot drop below that even if the numbers in your team reduce. However if your own Octathalon membership grade drops due to your own inactivity, then your League payments will drop and you will lose those financial benefits. Learn more about the Team Manager progression benefits…….

  • How can I go up to the higher Team Manager levels & how does that benefit me?

    • Going up to higher Team Manager levels where you can become a National Team Manager is all dependent on the numbers of people you have in your team and the levels of the team manager in your own team and it is also dependent on your own level of fitness and the Octathalon member grade you yourself have attained. You will be able to invite new members to join your team and to encourage them to also become Team Managers and to start their own teams. This way you can potentially become a National Team Manager. Click here to learn more about Team Manager progression.......

      The amount you get paid is assessed with every membership payment made so you need to sustain the required amount of direct members to your group at all times. Learn more about the benefits to you from League entry payment system.......

  • Changing my Team Manager

    • In the future when the League payment system is activated, if you have chosen not to be a team manager yourself, you can change your team manager when it comes around to renewing your annual league membership. You will have a chance to be invited by another Team Manager to join their team. If you have decided to become a Team Manager as well you can move your whole Team to another Team Manager. This is done by your Team Manager selling your Team to another Team Manager for a negotiated fee. Click here learn more on the ability to make money and to grow teams this way....

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INTERVAL TRAINING                     

Are you racing the clock?  No time for long training sessions?

At the same time would you like to increase your sporting performances?

If that is so, then this type of training IS the answer for you!

Interval training is an effective training mechanism that targets improving specific energy systems - the Anaerobic (Lactate system) and the Aerobic Energy system.

When training your energy systems, it is done best when you have a controlled environment. Work with a stationary bike, or a rower or a treadmill and it is easier to get a more precise training session than when working outdoors.


Athletes know that if they get they get their interval training wrong they will lose performance but if they get it right there are huge gains to be had.


There are lots of variables to get right. What to do and when? How many intervals should you do? What intensity should they all be? What rest periods, what exertion levels and what variations should be planned in as part of the same session?


Get these things wrong and you can easily be under training or over training and that will mean that all your work will just be a waste of time.


For many of us nowadays who lead busy lives, and who are time poor - this type of training could be the answer.


It is a proven, time efficient workout that gets results FAST and can be performed in just 30 minutes!

As you become fitter you can increase the intensity of the workout rather than the volume and it won't be long before you will see your times getting faster and you will start to look leaner too.


If you need some ideas with your interval training then there are plenty of these types of workouts in our members area. Some of us like to have something to just follow and do.  We don't always have the time to plan our own training sessions and maybe we cannot afford a personal trainer so, if that is you, then sign up and give them a go.


It's just £18 for the year - Click here


And if you have any questions regarding the workouts or you want to let us know how you got on then please contact us as we would love to know your thoughts and results. Click here to go to the Training program page


Articles to read

We have over 30 cutting edge articles you can read on this site, 10 of which are available to non members

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5th May 2013

Preparations are underway for an event that will run over the Octathalon Sprint Course & the Rock Octathalon Course. For those interested in competing you will need to have done some times for these course and entered them in your profile page.

Best of luck with this - they are hard to do fast.


We have over 80 videos on this website for members and several of them are viewable to non members as well.

Click here to be taken to more videos of past Octathalon racing.