Earn More

By running the group personal training Octathalon sessions you will considerably increase your hourly rate of income.

Double your hourly rate with the group sessions by tapping into a new market within your workplace. People who might not have been able to pay for more expensive 1:1 training sessions, will now be able to access your value at a lower group rate.
Our Octathalon trainers have found more 1:1 business from new people who have seen your value in the group training and gone on to want to take advantage of the 1:1 sessions.

Studio space is not needed as sessions are done facilitating small groups in the gym area. (12 people paying £5 per hour = £60 for 1 hour of your time. Do this twice a week for a year = over £5,500 p.a. extra for 2 hours a week.)

Run internal Octathalon events and earn a good lump sum of money for just a few hours of hard work. (25 people competing paying £15 entry = £375. 8 people doing the course in every hour using 2 lanes would take 4 hours time.)

Introducing people to your new online group, represent whatever brand, sport, or sector you want, and directly & instantly earn payments into your own paypal account. Learn more about the benefits of being an On line Motivator ......

Get your colleagues to join the Octathalon program and for every member they bring into their group, you to will directly & instantly earn a small ongoing amount of their annual membership fee This can quickly grow into a large extra regular income. Learn more …..