Fitness Levels

Increase Fitness levels

The Octathalon, because of the nature of the transitions and the format of the course, brings on fitness faster than almost all other forms of exercise. Train to do it well and you can bring about unexpected levels of fitness in almost everybody.

We consider the best indicator of general fitness is found by the speed of recovery after exercise. The faster you recover, the fitter you are. With the 8 exercises done back to back in the Octathalon, how fast you recover between each one, will depend on how effective you are at the next exercise. The fitter you are, the faster you recover and the better you do on the next exercise. The better you do, the faster time you get. Therefore the faster the time; the better the level of fitness.

The Octathalon tests you in an all round way with CV alternating with strength. The Octathalon course was also carefully designed so that all muscle groups are worked in a balanced manner which makes it a good full body fitness test.

We found that the secret to improving ones Octathalon times was in improving the transitions. The transitions are tough to do well at first as they require you to be fit. However the more you train doing the transitions, the faster you do them and the fitter you become.

So if you want to improve levels of Fitness, train to do the transitions and the best way to do that, is to actually do the full Octathalon course. To build up to that you can start by training to do the splits as they have fewer transitions – the splits are called Duo’s and Quatro’s. Learn more …….

We have developed several Octathalon courses for different body types. If you are a sports coach, you will find one of the Octathalon courses more suitable than the others to test the fitness levels of your sportspeople.  Find out which course is best for you….