Gain More Clients

Gain and keep more clients

The Octathalon gets you more 1:1 work. We help you build your own on line group and give you help in promoting your Octathalon classes and events.

Our Octathalon trainers have found more 1:1 business coming from the new people who start with their Group personal training Octathalon sessions as they have seen the value of having a trainer in these sessions.
Your own individual profile can market what you are doing and how people can reach you – reach the grade and you can put up links to your own website.

Gain recognition via the Power of 8 database as a top trainer. Your success here will bring you more enquiries and more people wanting to join your group.

People really enjoy their Octathalon training. This will give you much greater retention of your clients. Have a read of what people who do these classes say…..

Keep in easy touch by sending out group motivational messages. The regular contact will keep them coming back for more.
Use our may varied online training programs and training sequences to enable you to offer greater diversity to your customers.