Have Fun

Our trainers keep reporting back to us that running group Octathalon sessions are just so much more fun to do than any other aspect of personal training or coaching.

The interactive nature with the way people work in pairs, and fours, where everyone is working towards the run though of one of the Octathalon courses builds tremendous group spirit and clubs have been transformed by this.

If you are ever have any doubts about this, they will be dispelled when you see the team spirit in an Octathalon competition when they race against another local team. Everyone’s performance in the races counts and there is loads of cheering for each other towards the end of the race – especially, as everyone there, has done the shoulder press at the end and knows that any bit of help is appreciated at that point. 
Join up and you really will enjoy the whole Octathalon experience. Enhance it further when you start competing on line, regionally, and with other groups.

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