How to Start

How do I start?

It is easy. Become a member of this website (£15 +VAT) - then purchase the yellow license training guidebook from our online shop. It only costs £25 & p&p. It includes your licence which lasts as long as you maintain your personal trainer insurance and it includes tips, advice and guidelines on running Group Octathalon training sessions, running events and many other features.

Once you have purchased this basic grade license you do not have to pay for it again each year. No other costs are involved. Your first Octathalon class can cover your costs.

Once you get the book just – look through it to give you an idea of how the sessions are run. Remember though these are only guidelines and you may want to tweak your own sessions to your own style.

We recommend you try them out beforehand with only a few people. Download & print off some of the marketing posters from this website and you can begin to advertise your Octathalon group training sessions and Octathalon events in your own workplace. Charge what you think is right for your market.

Basic License information click here…….

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(You need to run one Octathalon event each year where a minimum of 10 of your members have taken out basic membership of this website and have done the course and have recorded times from that event on this website.)