License information

Licenses are here to help you, and us, develop the sport for the benefit of us all.

The Octathalon has been designed as a sport and as such needs to have an organisation that regulates and controls that sport. It has also been designed to help boost Personal Trainer & Gym Instructor income but a certain degree of administration does need to occur in order to achieve these things and this costs a small amount.

Own Octathalon rights in your area -
Be the first Octathalon Trainer to register in your Town/City and you will automatically get the rights to run the Octathalon league(s) in that area and all other trainers who want to work with the Octathalon, in your club or in any other clubs, will have to join your team to do so, before they can go on to develop and grow teams of their own. All you have to do to keep the license for this each year is to run a minimum of one event with a minimum of 10 members competing in. All other teams in your area can only then compete in your local league. Learn more about the benefits to you of owning Octathalon rights in your area. We will then send you details of anyone who contacts us who come from that area - this includes new members as well as those people signing up for newsletters.

The license allows us a degree of control at a distance over how the Octathalon is run. To help you make money from the Octathalon and to give your customers extra value we have created an extensive members area with many membership levels/grades along with an extensive database on our website. We know that the more people who join the website, the more the sport will grow and the more everyone will benefit.

Current Areas that have been licensed to Trainers - Click here

Main requirement
For that reason the main requirement in the terms of the trainer license is that everyone attending Octathalon Group Training Sessions and competing in Octathalon events has, at least, basic membership of our site.

It is fine for people to try out a couple of sessions before deciding to join but it is in your interest to get them to join and to even pay a little more to join your own online group.

For these reasons we have developed the Octathalon Licensing system. In addition to that, for those who are interested we have also introduced a license for trainers to be able to run National & International Octathalon events. National and International Competition License information - Click here

Personal Trainer / Gym Instructor license information below

How much does the license cost?

                    It is currently a one off, discounted, cost of £25 + p&p and this includes the Yellow license guidebook.

What can I do with the basic Octathalon Trainer license

                    You can promote yourself as an Octathalon trainer
                    You can promote and earn income from running Octathalon Group Personal Training sessions
                    You can promote and earn income from running internal Octathalon events for your club members

What are the basic conditions of this license?

                    You need to have current Personal Trainer/ level 2 Gym Instructor Insurance
                    You need to be at least a basic member of this website
                    You need to run one Octathalon event each year where at least 10 people are members of this website.
                    You need to promote and to put up the results of all your Octathalon events on the Octathalon website.
                    You need to do at least one run through of one of the Octathalon courses each year and put up your times in your own profile
                    Everyone who does your Octathalon groups sessions and who attends your events must be a member of this website like yourself.

Are there extensions to this license?

                    Yes. By taking out higher level licenses as an Octathalon Trainer you gain extensions to the basic license that allows you to earn more income. These extensions have been given colours to make it easier to understand. Everyone starts on the yellow license. The next one is the Orange license, then the Green and so on.

                    Click here to see the benefits license extension can give you.


You need to annually revalidate your licence. This does not cost you anything except the renewal of your own membership to the site. To revalidate your license you need to run one Octathalon event a year which you must put up on the Events section on the site and where at least 10 of your own members from your workplace have verified times. You will also need to have done a time for the Octathalon club course yourself.

What can I do without a license?

You can run Octathalon events in your gym for your own gym members only. You can do your 1:1 personal training sessions and take people through their Octathalon training that way, although you cannot advertise that you are an Octathalon trainer. You will not be able to verify your members times on the Octathalon website, even though they may be members. For the minimum cost to becoming a trainer, it is worthwhile joining us. We can all benefit far more if we all come together to make the Octathalon a Worldwide sport. You will not be restricted and you will still be able to do other sports and other activities.

 Octathalon Trainer License for Personal Trainers - click here to be taken to a page where you can download a PDF of the full details (Members only)