National & Internation Octathalon event license information

Our aim is to develop the Octathalon globally.

To do that we need to work with individuals who are both capable and committed to doing the same and in return we aim to reward these individuals in the best ways we can.

When a sport is already established this is easier to achieve. However when a sport is growing from the outset, this is harder to achieve which is why we have taken a long time to search for a way around the initial difficulties that a growing sport faces.

Our solution was to create a system of Local, Regional & National Leagues with Teams and Team Managers each building up groups of people who enjoy the Octathalon. The reward mechanism allows those that are successful at building their teams to emerge in a financially strong enough way to expand the Octathalon in their areas/ countries.

However we recognise that that alone still leaves some issues unaddressed. For example there may be only a small number people in some countries who want to still compete on a National scale and therefore National events need to be held. It may be that no one Team Manager has built a team big enough to become naturally licensed to organise these larger National events. In these instances we have created the International and National Octathalon temporary event license.

Personal Trainers who become Octathalon trainers are licensed to run local Octathalon competitions. As they go up their license colour levels they get the rights to run Regional events and later on National and International events.

It is important to draw a distinction here.

Octathalon trainers run Octathalon events

Team Managers can only organise events and they need an appropriately licensed Octathalon trainer to run their event.

The Temporary National event License

The International and National Octathalon temporary event license allows an Organiser to run one particular event. Each license is applied for to Octathalon Ltd by the Organiser. If successful that Organiser will be allowed to organise that event along with an Octathalon trainer who will help run it for them. If the Organiser is also an Octathalon trainer that is sufficient. If the Octathalon trainer is not at the right grade to run National events, the license will allow them to do so on this one occasion.

Anyone can apply to Octathalon Ltd to organise a National event in their country as long as they are running a Local League and they are a Team Manager and they have an Octathalon trainer lined up to help run it for them.

If more than one party applies from one country, Octathalon Ltd will look at all applications before deciding which party gets that one off license.

This temporary license does have some terms and conditions but initially there is no charge for a countries 1st one off license.

Please email us for an application form for this license.

Any number of Local & Regional events can be run in a year, however only 1 National event should be held. This may change in the future depending on the future direction of the sport.

Subsequent license applications for organising future National events in a country that has already had a National event can again be made by any Team Manager via the same application process. If the same Team Manager wins the license for the second time to organise that countries National event, they also win a license to run it again for the following year. This gives them the security that they can build on what they are doing over 2 years.