Measure Results

Deliver measurable results

The Octathalon gives you a great way to measure accurate levels of fitness over time. Whether you are looking to produce champions or whether you are just looking to help people achieve their goals, the time a person does an Octathalon course is one of the best indicators of fitness there is.

The online Power of 8 database allows coaches and members to compare their times over the weeks and months. By integrating ‘run throughs’ of an Octathalon course into training schedules, a coach will be able to see how fitness is progressing or not as the case may be.

Measuring results with the Octathalon can suit both type A and type B personalities – generally these personalities are split between the competitive goal oriented individuals (Type A) from those individuals that are more easy going & who are not so goal motivated (Type B). Type A individuals will more readily look to focus on improving their times whereas Type B individuals will respond well to working to with heart rate ranges and to improving their heart rate recovery times. The power of 8 database gives you a way of recording these easily over time.

Because measurable improvements in times and heart rate recoveries continue for months with Octathalon training this gives people sustained motivation though the often difficult early times of their training. It is in the early days when many people give up and the main reason sited is that they did not feel they were getting anywhere. With Octathalon training and especially if it is done in a group training environment, levels of motivation are sustained for long enough for people to continually see improvement and this helps make exercise a lasting habit and, with the Octathalon, much more fun.

The Octathalon also recognises that not everyone wants to be the fastest, even the fastest in their age group. Some people like to just improve their own level of fitness. It is for this reason, that as well as creating the Power of 8 ranking list, we also created the membership grading system. Members can go up the grades simply by improving their own times.