How to up the License levels

You automatically start with the yellow license when you purchase the book and the license. Alternatively you could do a short half day course at a recognised training centre, for the same price, where they will explain things in more detail.

If you want to go up to the Orange License you need to purchase the Orange license training package from the shop. You will then receive a  training manual with instructions. Essentially it is an evidence based assessment where you have to provide evidence of how well you are running the group training sessions and the events via feedback from your members and your own self assessment.

To pass and gain Orange grade you will then have to attend a practical assessment day which will include a full run through of the Octathalon Club course and it will assess your ability to run Group Octathalon classes and your ability to judge and to run events.

Going from an Orange license to a Green one, and beyond, is done in a similar way. You purchase the Green license manual from the shop on this site, or at a training centre, but only if you already hold the Orange license. You will then need to practice the heart rate training yourself until you feel ready to attend a workshop and assessment session which you have to pass. On the workshop you will also be taught how to run the Corporate Octathalon sessions.

You will also have to meet the same requirements as the members grading system in order to go up the license levels. In other words as an Orange licensed trainer, you will need to also be an Orange grade member and so on.

Learn more about the members grading…..

If you live abroad and there is no one in your country who is able to run these practical assessment days, please contact us as other arrangements can be made.