Trainer Support

We want to help you in every way possible to help your earn more money by working with the Octathalon.

In this section we have produced some written material you can download and print off to help you run group training sessions and help you organise and run events. There are also a couple of useful links to help you quickly learn how easy it is to verify times and how to list your events on this site.

Swindon Octathalon Event Poster - Click here

Setting up an Octathalon Lane in your Club - Click here to go to a page where there is advice and posters you can download to help you make a success of your Octathalon Group Training Sessions

Running a Group Training session - Click here to go to the page with these itemised contents - Group Training posters for your club & Octathalon courses posters 

Press Releases & Sponsorship Template - Click here for details on how to gain more interest for your Octathalon business

Record table  - Click here to get a useful record sheet to hand out to your group session members. On it they can record their progress in key areas.

Running an Event - Click here to go to a page where there are several things you can access that will help you run a successful Octathalon event - Results sheets, Timing sheets, Cups & medals, Octathalon trainer sweat shirts &  T- shirts

Putting an Octathalon event up on this site - Click here to learn how to set up an event on this site and how to input results.

Verifying times
- Click here to learn how to verify your trainees times

Grading your trainees -
click here to find out how to grade your own trainees

Duo & Quatro Challenge Posters
- Put these up with your name on to promote your Octathalon group training in your club.

The Octathalon is split up into 4 Duo's and 2 Quatro's and with all the different Octathalon courses these represent a good set of challenges you can test yourself on and record on the Power of 8.

Here are some posters with the details of the Duo's and Quatro's for each course:-

Click on the thumbnails to obtain a PDF version of the poster


        1st Duo Challenges                2nd Duo Challenges                  3rd Duo Challenges               4th Duo Challenges
           Bike & Lat pulls                     Step ups & Sit ups                    Row & Bench Press             Run & Shoulder Press


       1st Quatro Challenges          2nd Quatro Challenges

           Bike Lat pulls                         Row Bench Press
         Step Ups Sit ups                     Run Shoulder Press

For Posters showing Imperial Weights please click on the following links:-

1st Duo - imperial weights
2nd Duo - imperial weights
3rd Duo - imperial weights
4th Duo - imperial weights

1st Quatro - imperial weights
2nd Quatro - imperial weights

If you have any suggestions for ways in which we can support you, please let us know