Listing events

On this website Octathalon trainers can list and promote their Octathalon events and also be able to enter the results. These are then immediately fed into the Power of 8 as verified times.


  It is exceptionally easy to add an event. On your own profile page just click on the Add an Event button and you will be taken to the following page:-

Here you just select the event details and add any extra information you want to in the box. Automatically all the members will be alerted that a new event has been added.

When it comes to entering the results of the event, it is also extremely easy. They just click on the enter results button and they get taken to this page.

The names of all the competitors are already in the members database so selection is easy with character recognition as soon as you start typing the computer produces a selection of names you can click on.

Their times can then added in the boxes. When you finish that all you need to do is to click on the 'Back to event' button and you automatically get a ranked results list of who had the fastest times in each Octathalon course that has been run. These times are all automatically added into the Power of 8 Database.