Member grading for Trainers

On this page there are details for trainers showing how they can grade their members up and down the Octathalon grading system.

Grading for members is purely done on their own improved Octathalon performances. There are set rules as to how to qualify to go up to the next grade - click here for details. All Trainers will follow these rules when grading their customers.

As a grading will often take up a trainers time in the gym, it is not unreasonable for them to charge for their services. They may include this in the overall price of their sessions though. If there is no trainer able to grade you higher than your current grade, we currently offer a free service to change your grade. Just send us an email request outlining which grade you think you should now be grading at based on your performances shown under your profile.

It is easy for trainers to grade someone. Just ensure you have followed these steps

1. Make sure your customers/members select you as their trainer under their profile.

2. When you go into your own profile click on the trainees button and a list of your trainees will appear. Each will have a colour grade to the left of their name and another button to the right of the screen that says Change Grade.

3. Click on the Change Grade button and you will be able to select their new grade from a drop down list. Note - You can only grade people up to your own level of grade.

The screen shot below shows the page where the trainees are listed along with their colour grades. The surrounding frame of the main profile picture is done in the colour of the grade. In this instance the colour frame is black for black grade.

In every members profile page there is an Edit profile button. Clicking on this allows a person to edit their profile. In this section a person can uncheck (untick) a box so that there colour of grade is not shown on their profile page. When this box is not checked (ticked) the colour frame is left out.