Setting up an Octathalon Lane

A tried, tested and proven way to help you get more people coming along to your gym & to your Group Training Sessions is to set up an Octathalon lane. If you have room, set up 2 or more lanes. Club members really like to race each other and this means they can anytime, except when you are running your group training sessions. We have even couples and families like to race each other.

The optimum lane is one long line of equipment, preferably next to a wall where you can put up the posters shown below. However in a circular shape or even all equipment in a corner  of the room is fine just as long as a person has room to get from one piece of exercise equipment to the next.

Get your Gym Managers permission and do a health & safety check and you will be 'hot to trot'.

The following posters can be put up on the wall at the beginning, at each exercise station and at the end. Just click on the thumbnail pictures to bring up the pdf's

Flow Chart to help people decide which course to do.

Exercise station course details - Each poster can be put up next to each exercise station to help remind your customers what to do for the course they are racing over.



Extra pdfs that are useful to print off for your customers are:-

1. The exercise rules

2. A Blank results template they can record their times on.

3. Orange grade Course time limits  - These grading time charts are good put up at the end of the Octathalon lane.

4. Blue grade Course time limits

Click on these for the pdfs