Verifying times

Verifying times is quick and easy to do on this site.

As long as you have personally witnessed and timed a person over an Octathalon course, or even just the Duo or Quatro splits, you can verify the time on this site. Many trainers charge to time a person running through one of the Octathalon courses as it takes up their time.

1. The person who wants their times verified must have selected you as their trainer. They do this on their own profile page.

2. Make sure that the person has entered their times onto their own profile page. If they have not done this, you will not be able to verify the time.

3. As long as that person has selected you as their trainer, you will be able to go to your own profile page, where you can click on the 'trainees' button, and their name will be there.

4. Click on their name and you will be taken to their profile page. All you need to do is to look for the time for the Octathalon course, or split, that you witnessed. On the very right side of that time, you will see a green circle with a white tick inside.

5. Just click on the green circle and the time becomes verified.  

If you are running an event, you will be entering the results to that event on the events pages. These times are automatically entered as verified times.